Who Am I? click and see…..

These “about me” clips always trip me up. I would think that the content of my site would be enough to tell anyone interested in knowing more “about me”. So I actually believe this to be rather redundant.

I suppose that other than introducing a face, and my dog Peaches,  not much more is needed.

me in nags head nc 2013

So here is my sweet girl Peaches, who is like a “mini-me”…she completes me. She is somewhat like what is referred to as a “demon” in the movie The Golden Compass in my view.

S6304889So there; enough about me, what about you? Please leave comments! Gratefully

I lost my dear love Peaches in May, I made a tribute blog to her. I miss her dearly, but the fact remains, nothing stays with us forever. Her memory is what I have, and each day, each month, those memories take on a beauty that I cherish and will forever hold dear. Now the new little one in my life, is Ms Apple B. Cider Hays, she is 12 weeks old today. She keeps me on my tippy toes. She is growing like a weed, and having her, doesn’t allow much time for remorseful reflection.


2 thoughts on “Who Am I? click and see…..

  1. Hi,
    Just finished reading all your story on Apple and I was curious as to how things ended up because I have a two gorgeous Shar Pei’s with very similar eye problems. Would love to see Apples eyes now

    • I will try and get some and post here soon. She has great eyes, it all worked out. Other health issues galore, but no eye problems. She is 6 years and 2 months. Happy and full of spirit. I will get you some picks here soon.

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