Hello One and All,


This week has been different. I like change and I like to be given choices. I am grateful for the lessons that both change and choice force upon me, even when I don’t see the immediate results of that growth.

I am forever grateful for my camera, that gives me such pleasure.

I ran across a article on Speakingoffaith.org that caught my attention. I want to quote:

One memorable moment in Kristas interview: Kabat-Zinn describes a person viewing a sunset. Instead of simply taking it in, he says, we either are thinking about how we might write about it (or perhaps tweet or blog it), or, that certain somebody standing next to you actually has to gab away and tell you how gorgeous it is  which completely removes you from the moment of recognition and contemplation. In other words, we have this compulsion to do something with the moment in order to make it meaningful. We are not being mindful. (unquote)

I wonder if I am guilty of that? I guess to some extent I am. I am grateful to be able to be open to new opinions.

I may be rambling some this morning, my week has been a ramble in itself. Choices, changes, looking deeper into myself, taking off blinders, and always….finding gratitude.

I have a friend who is in the hospital in Arkansas, which is 20 hours from where I live, thanks to the new technology of the internet, his wife can blog each day and keep us informed of his health. CaringBridge Journal is the site. That is a “shared narrative” of sorts, and without it, I would not be able to know how he was doing first hand. No doubt, I am grateful for that site and her generous nature to share her story.

Last I wish to share a photo that gave me joy. Driving through the mountains last week, I saw a herd of deer, I slowed down and tried to get pictures, and wasn’t even sure I did, until I got home and saw this. Sweet~

Have a glorious week….and thanks!



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