I Was Madea Today (almost)

Okay,  So, I wasn’t at K-Mart, I was at that other “mart” big box store. And, I did not go get the heavy duty lift and turn the woman’s car over, but the rest was close.

I was driving around and around the parking lot looking for a spot closer to the door, and I am sure I was driving slow. Then suddenly I see back up lights on 3 cars in a row, up in the parking spaces at the front of store, golden!

I slow down and wait, I  am blocking traffic in the front parking lot,  waiting on one of these dummies to back out, mind you there are three with backup lights ON. I wait and wait, and finally the third car from front starts to back out, ever so slowly, I am still waiting, and then the second car looks like it might go, so I wait a little longer, cause I don’t want to get backed into. But, just as I was about to start toward the parking space, some idiot gal speeds around me, just like in this video and gets my spot. I couldn’t believe it, I was pretty mad, thank goodness the other car backed out, but still, I was first in line for the next spot, just like Madea. But, instead of getting out and chewing this person out, (hey…I’ve done that….and I am NOT PROUD OF IT) I started laughing, because all I could think of was this movie. I am the old geezer taking my time and pissing everyone off. I love it, really.

So, in order to give myself a good laugh, and memory of this, I am writing it in my blog. Who knew I would get to star in my own version of Madea in that K-Mart episode. Thank goodness for laughter, even when it is just something petty like this.


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