Dear Peyton

jack and peytonIt has only been 10 days since your dad passed, still a time of grief. I know you will continue to grieve – That is natural.

On December 15th, I was able to make a lasting memory when I got to sit with him and recall some of our favorite memories, we could have spent hours together reminiscing. I will cherish our visit for the rest of my life. Even though I had not seen Jack for more years than I can count, today I continue to morn his passing. He left life too soon.

One thing I know there is a “collective grief” that exist for him and many of us are still feeling the void he left behind. He will be indeed be missed for a long, long time.

Jack was “The Master” of making feel people feel special, he loved to work a crowd and ultimately became everyone’s friend. We witnessed the proof of that gift when we looked around the room at his memorial. I will never forget that day. I pray he was able to feel and be touched by all that love. I think he was.

Like others said, Jack was so multi-talented, loved, respected and admired, yet he remained so humble. He was (like Jiggs said) a GREAT MAN.

I am so honored to have been part of his life and that includes being able to see you and Cliff grow up.

I bought this card several days before his Memorial, but it has taken me this long to compose this letter to you. So many thoughts and words flood into my head, it took a little time to rest my mind and heart to be able to sit and write you. I hope I have done this justice.

Peyton, I pray you will be able to soon replace you grief with joyful memories, of course you will need more time. His loving presence will be missed, that will never change, but eventually the brightest memories will fill your heart and you will be able to think of him with a proud heart.

Jack ADORED ”YOU”. You know that, you will always know that. WE all knew that! I asked him about you when he and I visited, his eyes lit up! He will always be with you!

He never looked for praises, He was never one to boast. He just went on quietly working, for the ones he loved the most. His dreams were seldom spoken, His wants were very few and most of the time his worries went unspoken too. He was there… A firm foundation, through all our storms of life, a sturdy hand to hold on to, In times of stress and strife. A true friend we could turn to when times were good or bad one of our greatest blessings, the man that we called Dad (not sure who wrote this but it fits him well)

I Love You!!!! Always!!!



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