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DSC03535A castle in the mountains….

Today I want to reflect upon a very inspiring teacher I have recently been introduced to, her name is Caroline Myss. Her writings are so refreshing and easy to understand. Here is the one I read this week that moved me…..

We are all asked many questions each day – Where is this? How are you? What time is dinner? My life – and perhaps many of yours – is a magnet for these questions: What is wrong with my six-year-old son? What else can I do to heal? Why should I do with my life now? ………. Last night I went to bed reading several emails from people and their lives were my last conscious thoughts before I drifted off to sleep. I always pray for my angels to take me out of my body while I sleep, to take me away from this physical world and into the celestial realms – for healing, for counsel, for rest. Sometimes I feel the detachment, most often I don’t. But I enter my passage with questions and requests for aid. I have come to believe many things through my nocturnal journeys, none of which I can prove – but all of which I know to be the truth.”

I have done this, and it is a very strange feeling to go on such travels. I must admit it takes a lot from me when I do this and I am actually embarrassed to even speak of it, I think you will think I am crazy, so I never do. The only reason I am writing about it today is because I can entirely relate to Caroline’s experiences.

Then she continues…..

“I would so love to be able to offer logical reasons for why things happen as they do – including in my own life. I would love to solve the mysteries of heartache and loss that happen to me, as well as to every one who asks me about their lives. But life is not and never will be a journey of logic. If it were, we would not need love or patience, endurance or faith. We would become mental machines, barbarians who demanded order and control, who could – and indeed would – punish those who disrupted all reasonable plans. We would fear the unknown even more than we do.”

Boy if that doesn’t make perfect sense. I think we all would secretly like to be able to see what lies ahead, and even more, thinking, we would never fear anything, because we would already know it, and that is what keeps so many folks bogged down in the inertia of not being willing to accept change. I actually love the term she chooses – “barbarians”. That is so true. When anyone decides that staying the way they have always been is the safest choice, I see so much hate come from this type person. Fear and hate seem to travel in the same crowd. I have never really thought much about what might happen if we knew what was around the corner, I mean I have wished I already knew for sure, but I never went past that wondering how it would affect the status quo. Wow? Makes sense to me indeed. For if we knew that someone was going to suddenly die or a horrible incident was about to happen, we would indeed be left to freeze in our path, hoping to outsmart fate. How about if things were going to go our way or we were suddenly going to be awarded some kind of special prize or award?

She continues….

Now we live with the reality of sudden change and the whimsical nature of the unknown because it is the nature of life – and we must rise to its consequences not through logic, but through faith, wonder, courage, endurance, compassion, and love for each other. We would have little need for any of those blessed graces from which we derive our humanity if this life were a reasonable, logical, purely mental experience. No, better for all of us that it is a mystery – a great unknown. The Divine Unknown gives us a reason to need each other, to recognize that we all have the same fears and the same need for community and hugs and hope. So today, let your angels – holy, sacred angels – hover over you. Be grateful that your life is a Divine mystery. In the mystery is your humanity.” Caroline Myss

The Great Mystery – Living!


Little Guy wanting “his way”. Learning to live life on life’s terms.

No wonder our world is so pathetic, when you stop and realize how many out there are afraid to let go of old belief systems, take a strong posture of trust and be okay with the outcome? Even down to health issues; isn’t everyone who believes in prayer always asking to “have it my way”. No prayer is ever considered to be answered unless end result is given to the way I prayed? Right? “Dear God, let me have it my way, Amen.” Then if that “my way” does not happen, then we think God is not listening? I don’t have answers, but I don’t really think that God works exactly like that. More of a – combination of God’s plan and what I would like meshing. I think I have a better chance of solving my own issues with his intervention and giving me the guidance I need to fulfill my needs/wishes. But, he doesn’t swoop down and swish me with his magic wand, if that were true, then what about a prayerful family who – after summoning all the prayers in their reach still gets unhappy results? Complicated. I have relations who demand to have things turn out their way, and when that falls though, go into deep depression, blaming [others] and drinking alcohol to fix their grief. Not exactly ‘a vision for you’ type approach. That is why I fall in love with the ideas Caroline gives us in her writings, there are tools to use to find comfort and even hope that things are going to work out, but not promises that my way is the chosen way. I have to wait around the corner to see if that is the plan. I know….complicated indeed. Thanks for reading.

My newest inspiration ……thank you!






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