Caroline Myss and her Valued Suggestions on how to control inner turmoil


Sometimes things just will not go away, ugly thoughts, fears, resentments, stress, feeling of confusion and so much more that we can feel we are bogging down in quicksand. I read many good spiritual suggestions on how to quiet the inner discomforts, and many do work. Sometimes I need to figure out what is bothering me down deep inside. But sometimes I just need to quiet my soul.



Wonderful suggestions by Caroline Myss.


Sometimes no matter how much you want to be calm and clear-minded, you can’t seem to reach that place. Is inner turmoil a passing wind through the porous design of human nature or is turmoil an indication that something – an intuitive message from deep within – is erupting? I think of the grace of discernment in moments like this, especially moments that extend into hours that glue themselves together into a day. It is at times like this that I need to enter into that detached harbor provided by the grace of discernment, observing my own life from above. Through this grace, one can realize that “It is not my life, but a life going through eruption.” Discernment is a grace one prays for when in need of clarity, but not ordinary clarity. You want to see way, way down into the depths of the soul to seek out the source of the disturbance. What is my soul saying to me? What am I supposed to recognize? Or has an invasion of a reptile occurred while I slept? Teresa of Avila referred to fears and negative thoughts as reptiles…and she was, as always, so right. They are reptiles and they do see better in the dark corners of our minds than we do. It is exactly at times like this that we must rely upon the grace of discernment to prevent us from giving any fears authority. All things do indeed pass. So today I will dwell in discernment, allowing turmoil to pass through my system. And I will wait for clarity to emerge, as it always does. My prayer is that this wondrous grace keep me company throughout the day and night as this storm passes.”


Today, I am doing great, just a little off because I am becoming more obsessive in my 60’s. I find that I have this burning need to get it done right now and that sometimes is not possible. I then become obsessed with that *not* part. I love reading this quote by Caroline Myss. Looking down from above is really a great tool, but requires me to stand still and be, and I can do that, I just need to be “re” minded!


Peaceful reflections and breathing…..




The storms will pass….



Today is good day!



How blessed I am


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