Squirrel and mice

“Consider the little mouse, how sagacious an animal it is which never entrusts his life to one hole only.”


A few days ago I listened to a most fascinating and hilarious story on This American Life called Squirrel Cop. In the story, which gave me untold fits of laughter and that spells joy, the main character was this little squirrel who had found a nice warm, dark hiding spot in a young couples attic. The story ends up not so good for the squirrel, but the story teller is so good with his use of the method of story telling that even the squirrel’s dismal outcome is not sad. I mean, it is sad the squirrel died, but, the story steers you away from that in a way that you can enjoy the entire fiasco.


The reason I am writing here today is not to get bogged down with the morbid reflection of this poor squirrels final outcome, but to see the story from a different pov. The squirrel decided in its fit of terror to run toward the only hole it could fathom that would get him out of the planned for him box that the cop was trying to lead him toward. This cops plan was much safer and would have undoubtedly ended much happier for the squirrel. There was more than one hole in this squirrel eye, and he decided to go against the wishes of the cop and trust his own perception, which was this squirrels grim demise.


I wonder if that is how our own life unfolds at times, we have a path that seems to be uncomfortable and even dangerous to us, but still seems to be the one that the doors are opening wide for us to take. However, for some unexplainable reason we decide, maybe based upon fear, to take that other hole, that other route and it lands us in a terrible place. Why do we want to go that way?


I am in the process of learning how to allow the doors to open for me,  it is not always so easy to see the path, but if I slow down, take time to breath, let go of fear and when in doubt call and ask someone for their advice, things seem to be easier? I have been using this sort of method about 10 years, not calling people all the time, but certainly slowing down and carefully assessing the options. There is always one door that opens much wider and easier. That should be the one.


Today, I am blessedFall Ya'll to live in safe environment where life is not just safe, but happy. I am not always going around in a state happy glee, but I am much more at peace and serene. I have found a life of contentment that exceeds my expectations, which amazes me. I am able, for the most part, let go and let God. I am much better at facing things that used to baffle me and if I cannot do that, I can ask someone to help me. Life is not full of drama, if I don’t allow that drama into my world. I have choices and I love that I can be reminded of that too. Thank you God for the life I have and joy I get to experience.


I am sure the holes are there for me to chose and the wonderful thing for me today is I am learning which one to move toward.


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