I have the best life, ever!

I have the best life, ever!

Nags Head Beach, NC

My job it the best, I love what I do and I love the time I get for traveling and taking pictures. It is and has been such a great experience. I just returned from my latest mini vacation and I bet I took over 1000 photos during my time on the beach. The weather was great, the cottage was homey and right on the water, the kitchen was fun to cook in and I didn’t do much, but I got do what I wanted to when I wanted to. I have to say this was  a great vacation. Maybe one of the best, I love it when that happens, because I am 62 year old/young and I am still getting to enjoy so much in my life. DSC01885Here is the area I stayed in, see, it is right on the water, I could walk out my cottage and within 1 minute be right on the water. Really cool place.


Here is one of the days when the waves were crashing high on the shore, it was really fun learning how to capture the big ones coming in, it was cold, but I was dressed for it and I could hang out there for a good amount of time taking pictures. Apple was pretty patient with me, and all in all, it went well.


There are so many pictures for me to pick from and they all seem to be blending together, I have to say, once your on the ocean, the ocean is the ocean, no matter where you go, you see sand, water, birds and beach houses. My photos are beginning to seem redundant.

Maybe one or two or three more and I am stopping for the night…..


I love the soft texture the light is bringing here, it was sublime that morning..


Ah, yes….birds flying high, that’s how I feel.


The sun waited for me this particular morning.


Gosh, this took about 50 shots to get him actually surfing, he must be a beginner, but the picture turned out good. I think.

DSC02110going to try and keep this one going for a few days, I have so many pictures from the trip and really want to share them. Here are few more…


Each day I arrived on the beach to observe the sunrise, I was amazed at how different it would look. I have spent several winter vacations up the shore a bit at Virginia Beach and never saw the variety of different sunrises, and also, their is definitely something different about the way my camera is able to catch these.

IMG_0139 IMG_0141 IMG_0143 IMG_0145IMG_0136



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