That “smile” thing again

I am back, I am going at it again. I have decided to try that smile project one more time, I did a similar project a few years ago. I was going to try and send a smile to everyone I met, at first it was easy and I did it with abandon, thinking I would change the world one smile at a time. But that project failed. I soon realized that many people in the world don’t want someone smiling at them, especially while looking them in the eye, and soon I lost my zest for that smile thing. I fell into the status quo of looking down when I was approaching the person coming my way. I realize I caved, but in my defense I never gave up on this idea of giving away free smiles.

(My Nephew and two of his friends)

What a nice trio of smiles – how can one give up on smiling?

This time out, I have a new plan and new thought as well. My idea is simple but again, I have an idea it can change the world.

What if you knew that your facial expression would be the determining factor in someone’s day,  when you passed that stranger,  how you looked at them (or did not look at them) would determine the rest of their day? If you smiled a big smile – they would be left with that feeling all day and pass along that same smiling joy to each and every person they met. Or on the other hand, if your grim look and your bad mood were passed on, would you choose to act differently?

Here are some of the sweet smiles I get to see each day.  They may not be in the greatest of moods everyday (who is, right?) but they almost  always have a big smile for me, I am so grateful for these young women and their generous good hearts.

What would happen if we could pass on these smiles to each and everyone we met? Start off each day with this premise; first, think how your expression affects those around you, consider this….do they have friends or family who take time to lift them up, or maybe they get yelled at or even worse ignored by those around them. Maybe each morning they wake up to the chaos of yelling, screaming and arguments, so when they leave home they head off to either school or office where they face more of the same? What if your expression alone could change their day, nothing more, just a smile. What would you decide to do. If you take on this challenge, you won’t know the outcome, you won’t even ever see them again, but on your pathway of that day, you have been given the choice to change the course of their day by your smile, could you do it?  Try it….

Here is your fairy godmother wishing you well, giving you that power and if you don’t use it, you loose it, will you take the challenge and will you please pass it on? Magic words…”please and thank you

More Smiles….

My Aunt Patsy – she always had to most beautiful smile. Today she is wrought with the terrible disease of Alzheimer and doesn’t have much to smile about.  I miss her smiles.

Don’t wait until it is too late ….give those smiles away.

Now there is something to smile about! My sister and one of her daughters baby goats. Love this!

Cheers from me and my pal Kenny Ray, we decided to do the two friends on a tv program for Halloween back in the 90’s. I think he made a Marvelous girl. So funny —- we laughed and laughed and laughed. I cannot recall that show’s name, if I do, I will post it later.

Absolutely Fabulous

Was the name of the show


2 thoughts on “That “smile” thing again

  1. Oh Jimmieanna. You have made me grin like a monkey with this missive. So cute and just when I needed something like this. Years ago, when my mom was living, I would ride her around town to cheer her up and think about something other than her worries. I would urge her to smile at the people in the car next to us at stop lights. We would wave and smile like we were so thrilled to see them again. The funny thing is that the strangers would do the same to us, probably thinking they must know us somehow. Before long, Mama was laughing again and enjoying herself. Yes, smiling is a simple thing, yet may help someone along the way. Love you… 🙂

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