Walking Rope

When I was kiddo, we played “follow the leader” is this so different?

Is this another version (photo above) of the older version of “follow the leader” just newer?

I see now, we have been taught from very young to follow the leader, the newer improved version, holding the rope while strolling along is not a new thing in our culture, it is a well designed part of what is referred to by alan watt as predictive programing ” “Predictive programming is a subtle form of psychological conditioning provided by the media *[or others] to acquaint the public with planned societal changes to be implemented by our leaders. If and when these changes are put through, the public will already be familiarized with them and will accept them as ‘natural progressions’, as Alan Watt calls it; thus lessening any possible public resistance and commotion.” *my emphasis.

Since hanging on the rope and being led along is not exactly a “change in society” I venture to say this is just an innocent method of safely taking young ones out on a harmless walk through the neighborhood on a warm sunny day. Having them hold on to the rope is not some kind of subversive tactic to “psychologically condition” children to follow their leader, that just happens, I am sure the young girls (or boys) who are in charge of these kids are not thinking enough about what they are doing to even begin to become aware of what they creating, any more than the “follow the leader” game I participated in my early education did. I don’t see this as subversive, I see this as collateral damage. Just something that is happening without the folks who administering it even being aware of the consequences, and of course it works better on some than others.

What happens is another thing, and may be part of the reason so many folks don’t realize they are hanging on to the rope  (or govt) for that matter. They just sheeple along, feeling safe from harm, while they cluster together in a single row, their leader making their decisions, their leader telling them which way to go, and basically no thought at all that the leader might be a bad person, or someone who is not there for them, but just doing a job? How do we break from loose from the “walking rope” our society has created for us to hang onto? Is it even possible? Not sure, but when I see how the chemical corporation called Monsanto has managed to hold us hostage to their food take over, and gain almost complete control on the testing, scientific and govt controls of the food we eat, down to the organic seeds you buy, I want to shred that dam rope. We need a new paradigm, we need a new methods of teaching young people how to be their own person, how to not follow along in a cloudy mire of unquestioning loyalty, even when being led to the cattle cars of annihilation? Some how, some way, we have to realize that what is going on around us may not be the best. Years ago, when the great experiment was being crafted, there was much investment into how to control the masses, so we fit neatly into the box….here is a movie that explains a lot of that….


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