I sometimes think that God in creating man somewhat overestimated his ability.

I sometimes think that God in creating man somewhat overestimated his ability.

(quote Oscar Wilde)

Ok, I admit I am a little disappointed in myself, (once again) I try to practice being “non-judgmental” and unfortunately, I am my own worst critic.  But this confession is pretty hard, I ran across an old classmates blog last night, which I spent a better of an hour reading. I feel a little creepy in doing so, as I think I should at least have

commented to her that I was enjoying catching up with her life, (we have not seen each other since late 60’s or early 70’s) I really don’t recall?  However, that is not my confession, what I am admitting to is that reading her blog is why I am working on mine today. Why is that weird, some may ask, well, because it isn’t that she inspired me in a deeper sense, it is just that I had this external motivation to write based upon the fact that she is doing such a good job of hers, more like, if she can do this, so can I? Back to the old competitive stuff of long ago?(hmmm?) However, even this I will take, if it gets me off my duff and gets me writing again. I just wonder how meaningful my writing is when it is based upon such a shallow bit of inspiration?

I mean, I recently read and listened to one of my favorite writers, Anne Lamott, usually when I listen to her speak I get inspired, but even her words of wisdom did not do it for me. I reconnected in a way with some of my inner work/joy, but not enough to write. But, my old friend Joanne’s blog, which is not in the written to be inspiring, it is her fabulous Jewelry Business YLANG23 which is incredibly well done, not to mention the exquisite, custom jewelry she sells, and from what I gather designs as well. I am really drawn to her work, her success, her sense of art and beauty. I am inspired, but it isn’t the kind I am saying helps me find “inner peace”. But, it is certainly esthetically pleasurable.

So, this morning I grabbed my camera, which is also a good thing, I never return home empty handed, and off Apple and I went to gather a little of this world in my magic box. Here is what I have today:

On a side window of an obscure, seemingly empty store, was this mannequin dressed in this western wedding attire.  Not really sure why it is there, as it is not exactly a store, but the dress did catch my eye.

I had a hard time of getting a good angle on this dress, the way it is squeezed into the corner of the side of the window, did not leave me much wiggle room, but I found this dress most interesting, very out of place in the downtown mall. Yet, on the other hand it has it’s own lure.

Hibiscus is about the only flower that is blooming around here right now, but they are so dramatic. I love them. You know they make a great tea also, which has proven ability to lower high blood pressure and how great is that?  If I had the choice between drinking a natural source of mother natures concoction or taking a pharma pill, I would certainly go for the tea. I haven’t got high blood pressure, but if I did, I would be growing my own flowers. But hey, that is just me.

Look at this flower, see how it is stretching out? How neat is that?  Yes, the Hibiscus is a showpiece in it’s own right.

This picture is of a little paper store on the downtown mall, the sign reads; “No Bird Soars Too High, If  It Soars With It’s Own Wings”  I never thought of a bird trying to fly using someone else’s wings? How could that even happen? Not sure about that little gem of a quote? I actally don’t get it? But the display is catchy and maybe will sell some paper today. I was drawn to it. right?

Today is the first football game here at UVA, I don’t know who we play, hmmm, let me look…..(tic tock) got it, we play William and Mary at 6pm.

So, final word, am I back? (humor) I don’t even know….I have other thoughts and lots of things to write about, but still, inertia seems to be my monkey riding on my back. I do what I can…..

have fun!


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