What are they, who is spraying/paying for this mess? Whenever someone looks up and sees the sky, do they even wonder?I was out walking my dog earlier this week, I always look up at the morning sky, I love to photograph nice sunrises, pretty cloud formations and sometime I get a nice bonus of multi layers of pastel colors emanating from the sunrise beams reflecting the mountains. I love when I see that and more if I have my camera handy.

As usual, when I  went out last Thursday, I looked up, sadly….I  observed this……

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I have been looking for solid information about Chemtrails for several years. I have watched the sky being sprayed with these plumes since 2006.  That is when I started photography, and so I was always looking up. As time has gone on, not much news in the MSM regarding this strange man made phenomenon, I mean really? planes running kris-crosses in our sky for hours? Then I read where it was something to do with changing our weather patterns<hey dudes, if you are going to change my weather pattern, I want 70 degree-ish weather all year long, perfect amount of precept, no tornadoes, no heatwaves, no heavy snowfall, perfect nice weather? What we are seeing is not that, so your several years (going back to the early 2000) of spraying us, is not working, what is working is the upper respiratory illness, the Alzheimer, the serious immune disorders, we are seeing increased amounts of all that, and weather that is becoming unbearable.

KSLA Video report

So how long have they been spraying us?

Well, Alex Jones is not my favorite source to use in my search for truth, he is a little over the top for my taste, and he seems to have been getting some bad reviews lately in regard to his credibility, like this link warns:

“Alex Jones is a visible shill. Take from him what is useful, but don’t fall for the trap of making him a hero. He is an establishment lackey. The game is rigged. Don’t allow yourself to be an emissary of the controlled opposition, whether it be Alex Jones, or any other asset of the global enemy.”

You see, I had this “gut feeling” there was something not completely right about this guy, but not clear on what is was. I started seeing more of  this (above quotation) info spreading about him, and figured there was something to it, as I was getting the same ideas about him. But, this source is right, take the good and leave the rest.

All that said, here is another link on His Page, that is covering the chemtrails and I think it has merit.

If you google chemtrails on the internet, you will certainly find 1000’s +++ of links to substainiate my claims, and then there is this conversation I had this morning within a forum I visit. This guy was speaking to me in response to a question I asked about “predictive programming”………………….

<I think that is called “predictive programming”, correct me if I am wrong. – queenofit>

i see chemtrails as an example of that. people in britain were told that the gov was spending lots of money on underground upgrades, that the government was being sealed so that they breathed different air, that they were buying lots of UAVs, that portion down were spraying the populous (with what the public can readily verify is poisonous though this was denied by portion down – politics is built on lies).

the sky today here is a mess, people outside are being sprayed. it is ignored which i find absurd. some of that is through predictive programming, some because peoples minds are operating in programmatic mode and they don’t have handling code for such an obvious anomoly.

Just to be clear,Until….[ when and IF] we  get the real evidential facts from those who are paying for this, I will never be satisfied with any of what I have read, but for the moment I know what I see, and I cannot argue with that, my eyes have seen this and that is my proof, whatever it is, I don’t feel good about it, and I trust my gut. You do whatever you like with it?



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