Why do I Not want To do This?

It has been weeks since I logged into my blog space, and I regret that. I love to record my seemingly irrelevant life experiences, so later on, when the time comes, that I fall into a mental slumber and forget to recall what life was, I will have notes of things along the way. The way our brain works, if the events are momentous enough, a car crash, a baby born, a life taken, a title earned, (perhaps) we seem to have some sort of mechanism that allows us to embed those events into our recall of our brain, which allows us to remember. But day to day stuff gets hazy. At least it does and always has, for me. Of course by the time I reach that point, who knows what will have happened to my “blogs”. <sigh>

Oh well, here is my point, I am in Virginia Beach, VA and I have been here one week tomorrow. I will be here for another full week, checking out on the 24th. I am so blessed. I love my life, and there are perks that come with this job, that amaze me, and this is one of them. I am asked to leave the sorority house where I live and work during recruitment each year, and I have never been unhappy to oblige, as this gives me two extra weeks of vacation time, which adds up to 6 full winter weeks of paid vacation. No problem with that! But in the early years I did not have any extra funds to do much other than find a low end motel or worse stay at my parents, which you know the fish and guest story, well staying at my parents house for 6 weeks is that magnified a million times. whew! So fast forward to now, I am in heaven. I have a king size luxury suite over looking the ocean and just minutes from the shoreline, and life could not be better. I am living a life of privilege, one that I can easily understand why greedy no gooders, find to become so addictive they will sell themselves to what ever to maintain the gluttonous lifestyle. Me? not a chance, won’t sell out, but I must admit, it is nice to see how the other top 20% live. I don’t think I am at the 3% level at all, maybe I am more like at the  50% top earners spot. Frankly, I have no clue, this is not an expensive hotel this time of year, and it is certainly not the most expensive hotel here in Virginia Beach any time of the year, but the amenities are as nice as one could ask for. Moreover, I am feeling like a pampered princess, and that is the reason I rate this experience so high.

There is one thing that has become a passion of mine, and through out all of the other attempts to find the inner me, the one that is fulfilled and at peace, the place in my soul that never tires of this one thing, it is photography. I just love taking pictures, and need to learn more, I will, I know I can do that. But here is a photo essay of my days here this last week.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The slideshow seems to be the way to go on this, keeps it from becoming such a bugger to open the page, one comment, there is a photo I took this morning of Apple standing on the beach, she is on top of little sand dune, and it has (to me) a little Rin Tin Tin quality to it. 🙂


City skylines are taken from my room, I have two nice rooms, one is the bedroom area, the other is the living room/kitchen area. It is huge! Much more space than I live in, but on the upside of that, one that I need to remind myself, it is that small space, that affords me to live and work in my home, and it also affords me the bounty of free time, which I adore. Now if I can just make myself take some photography lessons, so I can get that the sunsets and sunrises more clearly. 😉

more later…..




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