Is Peace or is it Sanity? that feeling of I?

“The Feeling of I is different from the feeling of you, which is what separates us. It makes us individuals. And to become aware of that is to know you re alive. All things, in real life, occur in the center of you. That s how it is with music. When you ask, it will play in there for you,…”

Tim Kite


The Century of Self

I recall a time in my life when I (as in me) was a complete unknown; then I began to hate me (I). Adding, I did not know what was happening, for I would ask, how can I hate something that I don’t even know? Today the way I view this, it was the separation from my inner self which had become complete and all that was left was my inner  longing for  a re-connect. Today I believe that feeling of hate  was  a void that spoke in limited knowledge which lead to me to perceive this as “hating”.

I have also written, that I did not believe in connective-ness; I don’t feel that way today, matter of fact, I feel very connected and grateful for that feeling.  Unfortunately,  that disconnected feeling still  comes and goes. I am always grateful for the latter.

I also believe that Fite’s view of the individual makes sense (to me anyway), for it is that separate self that is always trying to find it’s own expression, and speaking just for me, that has to be balanced. Otherwise, I begin to feel unique in a careless sort of way, which can allow my ego to run the show.

One of my most musical times happened when I lived in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains, I don’t know why that was, but I was hearing that inner musical mystery, and it was grand. Something changed, and that doesn’t happen to me anymore.

I would also like to say that I used to be part of a group of folks on USC that did a Sunday Gratitude. It lasted pretty long and I got a lot from that; it was sort of an outer force that helped me connect to my inner source.

I have been wanting to start doing that again on Sunday, so I think I  shall give it a try. I hope anyone else who feels that it might help them. will join me, (it makes it more fun to do it as a group). (i feel)

The feeling of separation…..

I have been thinking about separation alot lately.  The recent elections have brought that separation into a bright light, it has a way of drawing broad and distinct lines for us human beings. We define so much of who we are by what “political party” we support. I am sick to death of this division in our country. I am sure our masters are pleased with the outcomes, no matter who wins, they win. We are so divided, and so pathetically lead about by the nose on “who to vote for” that we fail to see the bigger picture.  Half of us for this guy, and the other half for that guy, please give me a break, for the real culprits are going scott free.

Differences and Celebration of that?

Really? Do we really celebrate differences?  I don’t believe we know how to do that, and then it really isn’t what is different that we learn to “celebrate” it is what we are conditioned to accept, culturally we have been conditioned to accept most of what we consider our individualism, and those things that don’t fall into our conditioning, we either don’t accept or we find a way to not see. Each of us carry with us a “conditioned” response the world, whether it be a racist attitude toward “other” colored skins, to how we treat animals, to how we choose to consume goods and services, to how we treat our mates, or even down to how we incorporate hygiene into our daily lives. Think about it?

Find Peace in All Life
Which, if one is honest about it, would begin with the smallest of microbe up to the incredibly complex human species.

How do we find Peace in life? How do you do that? What is the best way to find compromise? Is there a way to look beyond our conditioning and cultural propaganda that has been molding our little “experiment” since our birth over 200 years ago.

I received an email the other morning regarding how the govt is going to “nationalize” everything in our country and we are going to be like Cuba??? lol Give me a break, where do these ideas spring from, we are never going to be taken over  by the powerful government with out the influence of the much more powerful puppeteers that control the strings  our puppets dance too. And that is multi national corporations that run the show. Gee thanks supreme court, bought and paid for too, I fear. You know, we are just a experiment

George Washington argued in his farewell ad-
dress that the country deserved a “full and fair experiment.”

1 Abraham
Lincoln once said that America had been felt “to be an undecided

the Great Depression of the 1930s, Franklin D. Roosevelt drew on
what he termed the need for “bold, persistent experimentation” as a
basis for adopting the policies and programs of the New Deal. 3

From the earliest days here on the US soil we were planned. There have been twist and turns to the plan, if you make an experiment, the you don’t really know the outcome, but you have a little plan to your outcome, and believe me, the our masters will not ever loose sight of their ultimate goals and the main goal is NEVER TO allow the peasant to take control.

Here is an except from an old friend Richard Grossman, he writes

“Years ago, I had been taught that despite what historians called “flaws,” the Constitution provided adequate remedies for people suffering harms and denials of rights, that the nation’s plan of governance created rational mechanisms for majority-supported change through relatively neutral political processes.

But how long–and how much organizing and agitating–did it take for:
chattel slavery to end?
for women to vote?
for unions to become legal?
for Jim Crow laws to disappear?
for African Americans and other oppressed classes to vote?

These labors took generations. In each instance, people had to contest prevailing values of minority elites. They had to challenge laws and constitutional doctrines backed by the armed might of government. Ending chattel slavery took a war which killed 600,000.

And of course, the work continues.

A little over a century ago, family farmers knocked themselves silly building a mass democratic movement to make railroad, banking, grain, land and information corporations subordinate to public authority. They worked to stop their “public servants” from printing money and giving it to bankers to sell back to the people.

These farmers were crushed in diverse ways by minorities directing corporations and government to deploy police, judges, jails, and militias.

Did a majority of people want their government to declare unions criminal conspiracies? To seize the Philippines, kill 200,000 Filipinos in that country’s war of independence and become an imperial power? To join the carnage of World War I? To throw Eugene Debs in jail for speaking out against all wars? To create and empower corporations to help arm Nazi Germany? To unleash the CIA upon the planet and overthrow governments of Iran, Chile, Guatemala and the rest? To nurture great Red Hysterias after each world war? [I, II] To bomb Indo-Chinese people with more tonnage than the USA dropped in World War II?

Look again at your own list of contemporary majority desires, and see how far today’s public servants are from embracing the goals you say the majority of Americans want. Take “campaign finance reform:” how many years how many marches and agitations and books and meetings have taken place and what is the result? (I think about Granny D‘s sore feet!) How limited and narrow the public and Congressional debates have been. And how worthless is the McCain-Feingold law.

Twenty five years ago, a vigorous safe-energy movement stopped the construction of 850 radiation factories and laid out plans for solar+efficiency transition. What happened?

Fifteen years ago, a vigorous anti-toxics / environmental justice movement arose to end death and suffering by corporate chemicals in communities around the land. It educated, agitated, organized . . . and so?

Why have so many majoritarian values and desires been thwarted, delayed, diluted, destroyed, declared un-American? Why are citizen-activists always on the defensive? Why haven’t we succeeded in making any major investment, production and ownership transitions in energy, health care, food, transportation, education . . . ad nauseam?

Why haven’t we subordinated the corporate form?

Doesn’t logic compel us to ask: Why has it been essentially impossible for majorities to govern these United States?

Logic, alas, leads to heresy: the nation’s plan of governance has always enabled ruling minorities to wield the coercive force of government against majorities.

“America’s founders” — at least those founders who wrote the Constitution — designed a plan of governance to deny the majority their right to govern. Didn’t that make sense? They were, after all, only 20% of the bipeds in the 13 states.

Chomsky keeps advising people to look at the facts. Well, it’s a fact that their constitution enshrined black chattel and white indentured slavery into the law of the land. It’s a fact that their constitution bestowed enormous privileges upon men with property and capital.

Those “founders” who wrote the Constitution were eager to resist tyrants — like King George and Parliament. They did not want to take orders from Spanish, Dutch French or any other absentee owners or monarchs. But didn’t they feel the need to keep the mob, the rabble (which is what they called the majority of people) at bay in their own communities?

So of course they used “the rule of law” to deny 80% of the people around them their fundamental rights.

Of course they made it exceedingly difficult for whole classes of people to function as We the People should they ever organize to win the right to vote, hold property, gain educations. Of course they got the law to declare unions “criminal conspiracies” as long as they could, and made it much more difficult for workers to combine than for capital.

Imagine if Quakers and freed slaves and family farmers and housewives and Native peoples and artisans had gathered in Philadelphia in the summer of 1787 to write a new plan of governance. What a different constitution they could have written. Maybe they would have written one which empowered human rights over property interests.

But these folks were denied. So isn’t it logical that today’s “rule of lawenables elites to wield property, commerce, contract, the Supreme Court, indirect elections and other constitutional creations against the majority?

And isn’t it a diversion to conclude that the “corporate personhood” Thom Hartmann writes about was a “legal error?”

Such a conclusion denies that after the Civil War, Southern and Northern men of property united again to govern the nation again. It is to deny that they chose the corporation as their governing institution.”


For now that is all I have to say, it is time for me to find my own inner peace, which is not too high at this moment. I am not that smart, but dammit, this is not rocket science?? Time for us to wake the hell up.

Here is my way to peace….(sanity)

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