Apple B Cider’s Eye Specialist Exam results

For the Record….

Yesterday was huge in Apple’s eye issues, she has been given a new freedom and I feel good about her prognosis.

I am very impressed with the vet school and think it needs to be added to Pei friendly vets on

Adenexa – Moderate conjunctival hyperemia and moderate chemosis of both eyelids.very Heavy upper brow,  but no actual contact of hair to cornea with  proparacaine, rolling in of upper and lower lids.
Cornea – Several faint superficial vessels, well demarcated superficial deposit (possibly fibrosis) rt eye
numerous thin superficial vessels circumferentially, superficial axial area of very mild fibrosis. left eye

Tear Production – 29mm/min right eye and 27mm/min left eye

Intraocular Pressure – 22mmHg (right eye) 20mmHg (left eye)

Procedures performed: Ophthalmic Exam

Diagnosis: resolving keratitis both eyes

Current treatment: Instill small amount of ointment (Celluvise, GenTeal gel, Liquigel)  to both eyes four times a day. These are non medicated over the counter lubricants available in the eye care section of most human pharmacies.

Discontinue use of NeoPolyBac Ointments

Recheck in 2 to 4 months, unless acute episode of ocular irritation (excessive squinting, redness or discharge)


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