Tic Toc Tic Toc….

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My girls here gave me a grand send off, the event was my blast off into the 6th decade. A surprise birthday party and it was truly a surprise. Hannah came running to my room and banged on my door,” we need you down in the kitchen, something has happened to the dishwasher”. I jumped up and ask  “is it flooding?”  frantically trying to get my shoes on, she goes, “not sure, stuff is everywhere” and I wondered about her answer, it did seem a little vague, but non the less, I was definitely concerned, what had happened I wondered as I  followed Hannah to the kitchen, the thought passed my mind, I bet she has never used the dishwasher before, what kind of mess do they have?

As I entered the hallway leading into the kitchen all I saw were girls coming my way, and I thought, oh my gosh, the dishwasher must be about to blow up, with all these girls here too. The suddenly they go “SURPRISE!!!!”  I was literally in SHOCK. They decorated, had donuts for cake (the new Dunkin Donuts shop just opened here, so that WAS SPECIAL)!

Everything was perfect, perfect I tell you, I am still amazed,  how sweet they were. I think the first thing I said, “let me go get my camera” they all laughed, but I wanted the pictures to remember this, it all looked so great.

Now if you think I had any idea, you must be crazy, because I had a nice outfit on today, my hair wasn’t looking too bad and some (a little) makeup. But tonight, these pictures tell a story of a woman definitely caught by pure surprise, I would never consent to pictures of my last night in the 50’s and looking like I do in this picture. Oh well, I think I will have lttle trouble improving in that arena in my sixties. lol

Had to put this up tonight, don’t want to mess up and not record it, I have never had a surprise party that was REALLY  a surprise. What a joy!!!


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