Didn’t take long….

I got a new “overstuffed chair” and ottoman today. It is sooo nice and comfy. It took Apple about 2 hours to figure out her new roost. I actually like her being closer to me.

As the weekend progressed, (day 2) Apple became more and more comfy at the new station. Sunday I looked down, my feet had been on the floor, and she had completely moved in and staked claim to the “her” new bed. My “old” ottoman!

She tickles me to death!  Look at that face, how can one not give in to her?

My Way...

The paw….

It seems most Shar Pei’s like to use their paw to get you attention, I have noticed Apple is certainly staying true to breed.

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Less than one week into my new chair and it has finally happened, she moved into top dog spot. (or so she thinks!) I move her out everytime, but when the space is not filled by me, she takes it? e-gad!

Compromise is the name of the game!

I guess we can do this for a while, but when she gets bigger, I am NOT GIVING her my chair. lol







Her favorite toy….(go figure?)

What is it?  Some new fangled special dog toy that cost a hefty penny, nope I say, it is a little muff from a cheap ear muff that I gave her after she found it laying in the floor of the closet, at that time it was in one piece, later I tore the muff off and she has played with it ever since, she has been playing with it for months. So much for all those high dollar toys, she still plays with a few of them, but most things she loves are just old stuff I had laying around the house. Of course she would love to get a roll of paper towels and go with that, but of course that is totally off limits.


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