Those eyes, those darn eyes….

I have been trying to keep a log on the progress of her eye tacking, I do know that her eyes are not a weird looking as they were after they were tacked. I don’t know if that means the tacking worked, or if her eyes are squinting again? Soon to find out, but in the meantime, here are most recent photos first set, 7 days of stitches, second set, 14 days and one eye still stitched, one eye looks good, but seems stitches are gone or loose.

Sept. 20 2010 one week of tacks

sept 20 2010 one week tacking

opposite eye (this one was the good eye early on, then it became inflamed? 092010

two weeks of tacking 092710

two weeks on 092710

The right eye (facing her) is now looking much better, even though the tacks came out of the lower eye 48 hours after initial tacking. The upper lid [stitch] seems loose and it did that 8 days into tacking. The left eye is oozing a little greenish stuff, I just keep putting that ointment in both of them.

It is hard to get her to stand still to photo her eyes, I got these when she was laying down and relaxed. Her eyes are not open much, but if I get her to open her eyes it means she is moving her face around and it is just trading one problem for another. 😉


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