Day 3 of the microphone head

Day 3 – wow! She is doing great, she is accepting her little head dress, she is also resting more and I have no more sedative to administer her, so it is good she is settling in. She is eating good, the raw diet she eats has been bumped up a notch, she has a nice local farm roast to enjoy the next few meals, she had a 1/2 tin of kipper snacks and fresh raw (chemical free) chicken. I gave her pumpkin pure and some organic made yogurt. She eats better than many folks I know, even me at times. (seriously)

The two photos below are very hard to look at, but this is what has to happen to save her eyesight, and this is one of the dangers of having all the wrinkles.

It is called Entropion (eyelids that turn in) and because none of the vets here caught it in time, she ended up with a ulcer on her cornea from the abrasion of her eyelid/lashes rubbing her cornea, and her eye is inflamed. Now the tacking looks horrible, but at least the eye will have time to heal and soon she will get the real surgery done. She needs to grow a little more before the Vet can do that part.

In the end, she is still a very stately young girl, holding her head high and not letting this get her down. The unsinkable Apple Cider. That’s my girl!

Went downtown this evening so she could run around and maybe see some people that will pay attention to her. She is jonesing to get some people to stop and pay attention to her, and basically the cone is turning out to be a turnoff for many, and then of course it is difficult to pet a puppy wearing that thing.

Here she sits, waiting with such patience for a pedestrian to wander by and say hi.

Here someone had walked by over the next block, she is still hoping they might turn around and come back

And tonight here in the House, the girls are not to big on petting her right now, (?) and she is standing in the hallway, after one of them ran upstairs not even saying hi to her, go figure?

It’s okay Apple, life will soon be so much easier when your eyes are fixed.

Looking down this way, she looks pretty good, and today I am already seeing improvements. yeah!


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