Puppy class 101 (and then some)

Apple is so smart, really she is, not that I am partial, no not me. I recognized her brilliance early on, and discovered how hard she will work to try and get it right. But the thing that I am not good at, is remaining consistent. That is my downfall, and will become hers too if I don’t learn how to “learn her”.

First I bought Cesar Millan’s dvd “how to raise the perfect puppy” which was good, even though his tips and training is solid, what I need it some accountability, otherwise, I find myself becoming lax and not following through, she has to have that.

I have literally spent hours online reading “how to articles” and when push comes to shove, she has learned all of the things I know how to teach her,  she is so lively, so full of energy and love for humans, that when she see’s other people she goes a little crazy. She begins jumping, biting, jumping, twirling, swirling, all the things that a fully grown dog will not be loved for and the things that a little pup can get by with. What to do, what to do?

I made a decision to enroll us in puppy obedience school. What a great move on my part. We have two nights under our belts. We began last Monday and second night was tonight. I am so happy we did this. She is the star of the show. hA! lol Of course all the little puppies….are all stars.

All Things Pawssable is the name of the puppy academy. This area is very large and hard to photograph the entirety and the lighting? omg?

Hard to tell what kind of puppies, there is one Golden, one poodle and one lab all pictured above.

Apple on point, she is wanting to go run with the others, but class is about to begin.

We kind of stand in a semi circle, each student on their own little pod.

This is Apple’s little pal, Hersey, she sits next to us in class. She is so darn cute. She is 9 weeks old and next week I am going to try to get a better photo of her.

Not a bad profile pic of Apple. She will be 15 weeks old Friday. She stands 18″ tall, weighs 19lbs


Bummer – Apple has become a Obedience School Dropout

I take blame for some of the failure, but she is too excitable and that is making her “off leash” training impossible. It makes me sad to admit this defeat, I guess all parents want their children to be the top of class, and when you get one who is not going to succeed, you feel your own shortcomings rise to the top. I have lost complete control of her, she used to be so interested in doing what I ask of her, where did we go wrong? Is there such a thing as improper training, or is she just going through a stage?

He may tend to act a little ‘bratty’ at this age, continue to ‘stick to your guns’ with the rules and behavior you expect. Don’t play games such as wrestling or tug-of-war (especially with large/guardian breeds), as it can encourage dominant behavior in some puppies.”

Most definitely Apple. She has become a “brat”  and worst is, she has a serious eye condition that makes me want to baby her all the time, and give in to her, when she is rebelling, and I know that won’t work. I have to stand my ground. Plus she needs to keep that eye closed for a few days and let the NPB ointment do it’s healing. Running and playing is not allowed so much, sure I walk her short walks during the day and one long one in evening, but if she was healthy I would take her to the park and let her run.

I can’t get her to open her eyes to photo them, she can open them, but she prefers to stand around like this, we have a visit to an eye specialist in Richmond VA, it is 10 days from now, and I hope to get her eyes tacked again, she is too small and young to get them operated on, or that is what the Shar Pei forum members continue to warn me, and they have a huge number of breeders, and some vets, and others who specialize in raising Shar Pei’s.


Finally good news regarding her eyes, my breeder sent me the name and phone of her vet in north carolina, and he is very familiar with this breed, and the eye problems associated with them.  I pray he can help her, those eyes are really a mess.

Finally a break.


2 thoughts on “Puppy class 101 (and then some)

  1. Say who did you buy this puppy from? Any update on her condition? I purchased a star pei from NC with a similar eye issue and was referred to the same vet. Please let me know an update. Than kyou.

    • I got her from http://www.southerncharmshar-pei.com/
      Her eye issues leveled off, the vet in NC did a great job, highly recommend. My girl is now about 7 and 1/2, has had so many health issues, hard to list them all. She recovered from eye problems, but cost me hundreds a month for all the other issues.

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