Running in circles, is that so bad?

Finally, something good (no great) to write about. I have my new little puppy, her name is Apple Blossom Hays, she is 49 days into this world.

The photo above was taken yesterday morning, she is right here under my chair, I put a little cushion down there after she had decided to make it her napping place. This is not exactly the crate I was hoping for, but maybe that will come eventually. So far just being able to keep an eye on her,which hopefully will complete  this paper training, is what I am most focused upon. The crate is too stressful for me right now. She has taken all of my time, I mean all of it, whether it is cleaning her poop, which even though it goes on the paper pad more times than not, I still have to pick it up immediately for fear it will end up on her feet. She can become more like a Tasmanian shar pei at the drop of a hat, and when she does, she is zooming back and forth, running in circles from one side of room to the other, a ball of fire. If I have to get up and walk anywhere during that time, (more like a tip toe) I must use extreme caution, her zooming is unfettered, nothing or no one is going to slow her down.

Here she is waiting for me to pick her up, she is so darn cute, it is hard to dismiss her, she gets me every time.

Last night, I was reading online how to paper train and crate train. I know that I am failing on the crate training, but the paper thing is going well. But as I was reading I ran across a suggestion which stated, pull the water at about 8:30pm and she won’t be up peeing all through the nite, and I tried that, it did work out too, she only had to get up one time about 3am, but at 6:30 this morning she was hungry and thirsty, and did not want to wait, so she managed to get me up. She ate and drank with zest, then she began her whirling and twirling. At first when I woke up, I told myself I would go back to bed after she spun out of energy, but of course, that is not the way it went, I woke up and was not interested in going back to sleep, she however is doing that right now. She ate, drank, peed (several times) pooped (twice) on the paper both times, played and ran and ran and played, and left me to deal with everything else.

As I was sitting here this morning, I was thinking about how much computers can be compared to ones life. For example, as I did some low level maintenance to my old xp desktop I realized how much time and effort it takes to keep it tuned up. Me, I don’t mind at all, it has become more of habit, I pay for a couple of spyware programs, ones that began as free, and did a good job, but the age of the desktop, and my contentment with it, gave me the impetus to invest in a broader range of tools to keep it cleaned up. It has a few good years left I think, so it is worth my investment. Anyway, that is how I got to thinking about people and comparing that to computers. I know of one particular person, I will not name, but this person does almost zero cleaning on their pc, and of course it is about as useless as one would expect it to be. After a year of nothing run on it, it just drags along, and basically not worth the time to use. Now to get the computer going again takes someone who is experienced in getting things like that done, and most of those folks charge money. This is why I compare this to people. That is how we take our health for granted also. We push our bodies past the point of being able to fix itself, then we push it even more, then finally when it is so far gone it is about to drop and die, we take it in for a tune up. We ask the medical society to fix us.

All we had to do, was maintain it daily, but that requires work.

I have a puppy, she requires work, she will be as good as the time and effort I put toward her today. It is like running in circles, everything is simple, take care of the things important, and the results will be quality, be it computers, puppies, or people. We get back exactly what we we invest. Sometimes we get back an increase, but we will reap profits or break even. The other way, we go into debt.

I must get up and do a couple things, maybe if I tip toe, she won’t hear me and  will continue to sleep. Ya think? big grin!


I live my life in widening circles that reach out across the world. I may not complete this last one but I give myself to it. -Rainer Maria Rilke, poet and novelist (1875-1926)


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