I don’t have an answer for that

I don’t know how to start, this will be a continuing blog about an ending. You see today I found out that Peaches is in final stages of renal failure. I knew she had kidney problems, we (vet and I) have been watching her blood levels and back in February, Peaches numbers improved enough, that we felt we could buy some time with the meds that we had her on. That is not happening, her decline which is ever so apparent,  is part of the inevitable part of living we all must face, death has come knocking at her door.  My vet told me today “maybe a few months” left. I have cried, I have felt the old pains of lost loves, I have felt the knots in my stomach, the lump in my throat, I broke down completely today a few times and it HURTS DAMIT.

I just got home from our afternoon walk. Oh how life can change in the ring of a phone, a few words exchanged, a plan made, appointments set, and that cruel encounter with the term we use so often; reality, sets in. Life for me will change, of course she will not be here, her life will end. My pal, my confidant, my love, my best friend, my dear sweet part of me, the best part of me, going away from me. Damit! Dam, Dam, Dam.

Nothing is going to stop this, it is going to happen, not if, not maybe, not wishing for a miracle, none of that, it will come to pass. It is her time.

Sometimes I have wondered, would it be best for her to go first, then I would worry, what if  I die in my sleep and she is locked in this room for days without food or water? How horrible, and her not knowing what is going on, and me dead. So I thought, she should go first, then at least she won’t have all that to deal with. Still I think it best her first. Easier that way.

I talk alot about living in the moment, and today I have not been doing that. I got off the phone with Dr. Raab and within an hour I was panning out to the future, all the whats, whens, hows, my mind took over and ran with it. Old behavior set in, and it has been brutal. Old habits of letting my mind run wild, my thoughts lead me to self pity, my emotions running wild and painful memories, painful future thoughts, (which haven’t even happened yet) all steam rolling through my mind. My mind is getting control of me, it hurts. I know how to stop this, but it is like eating a huge chocolate sunday with all of the deadly fixings, I know how bad it is for me, but honestly I enjoy this misery. I want to lick my wounds, I want to feel bad, I want to hurt, I don’t want to control this, I want to wallow in my misery. Right now, I want to feel bad. Crying did not help, but it feels good to cry; for her, for me. What else can I do?

Sure I have tools, I know what to do about this (at least in an emotional sense) but those tools seem too small for this job, there is nothing that stop her leaving me. Not a damn thing. That is what I am thinking. over and over.

So, I am going to try and keep an online journal of our last few months together. I have  to learn how to give her shots, I hate shots (and hate is a very strong word for me to use) however, in this case, I hate. But when Dr. Raab told me that was something I could do for her, it will make her last days more comfortable, I knew I had to learn how to do that. Small price to pay, get out myself, get over my own little petty fear, think about her comfort, not mine. I can do that. I will be a much better person for it. I am a work in progress. I am here to improve life, not make life worse. I can and I will.
Throughout the week, I will make project reports, how she is doing, how far she is able to walk, how much she is eating, and all that, as time goes, we will know when it is time to take her in for her final sleep. I want it to be right for her, it is the very least I can give back to her for all the years she has given to me.

Damn this hurts.

Day 2 of knowing what I did not want to hear.

I woke up this morning in hopes that today would be less painful, that I would open my eyes, and they would see this life and death thing in a less emotional way. I cried before I got out of bed, thoughts flooded my head, old memories, future images, it was all the same stuff that I had been through over and over yesterday. I am beginning to feel that I am letting my emotions take control of me. I got out of bed, and began our usual ritual. I immediately got on the floor next to her, and began to give her a good loving rub-down. She loves it, and now that things are not so good for her, I know that giving her that warm welcome to the day, is a much-needed therapy. Feels good to me too. I spend a several minutes down there with her, then I get up, dress pretty fast, take my vitamins with this new Acia Berry stuff I am drinking. Then we are off to the park.  Springtime is my favorite time to photograph pictures,  and basically that goes without saying. I almost left my camera here today, I did not want to make the effort, but I talked myself into bringing it along, glad I did now.

Peaches is moving along pretty well, I don’t push her much at all, we kind of just walk along as if we are on a little stroll, stopping a lot, if she want to stand and sniff a minute or two, I patiently wait.

I have said before that she is my teacher, she teaches me to stop and enjoy the moment. As I watch her now, I have little lumps of pain that creep into my gut, but most of the time I can control that. I ask myself how is this knowing so hard? I recall thinking before I knew the seriousness of her condition, that I might have her another 3 years, I have heard of SharPei’s living up to 15 years (seems to be an exception) but I had that hope. Those hopes have been diminished, and this “months to live” is not an easy pill to swallow. I have tried to ignore her symptoms and brush them off as a matter of “old age” setting in. This matter of death at our door was not entering my head, not until yesterday. Now I realize that all of this slowing down, not eating, days when she would just look at me like I was crazy asking her if she wanted to go outside, all of that was her illness. But today was good, she felt pretty good on the walk, she did not eat much when we returned, maybe a couple of tablespoons of her food.

Right now she will still eat the chicken liver/rice that I  cook for her, I added a little pumpkin puree, as it helps keep her regular and stool solid. Normally, she would gulp that kind of food down, but only a couple of bites this morning, and as the day goes on I think she will eat more. She has been doing it that way. By evening she feels best, and eats the most.

I walked along this morning thinking what it will be like to not have her with me. I will be fine you know, really I will. I will miss her dreadfully, but me, I can find other ways to fill my days, I am good at that. But missing Peaches is going to be one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. I have never been with anyone that has given me so much love in my 59 years on this planet. That is what is so hard, I have had her since 2000. She and I immediately took to one another, and she has been at my side constantly for a long time. What a hole to fill.

The Tulips are so beautiful this year.

I took this photo this morning.

Day 3 – (this is not a countdown)

I was abruptly awakened this morning by Peaches, having one of her vomiting episodes, it is hard to watch her, seems to be having what we humans call “dry heaves”. Finally she will throw-up some yellowish looking bile, no food, just a runny bile. It last anywhere between one to three minutes, this morning was more like the three-minute range. I sit with her, but nothing can make it easier for her, this was the first time she has thrown up since last Saturday morning.  I have her on a new medication that is supposed to help the nausea and control the vomiting (some) and hopefully help her appetite.  The medication is called metoclopramide 5mg. taken twice a day. She started those on Monday afternoon, so she has had 5 pills by the time she threw up again. Her food interest today is ZERO. It is 10:00 am and still not  interested in eating?  I will give her some time, as it has been the case so far, she is more in tune with food by mid day.

Yesterday I bought some canned food from Wholefoods, it is organic and she really liked it, I have to be very careful, she will get diarrhea if I introduce new foods too suddenly, they need to be incorporated into her diet slowly. a delicate balancing act.

I go to the vet in about 45 minutes to learn to give her the shots.

It is a pretty sunny cool day, the temp is supposed to be cooler, these 90 degree days have been a bit much for early April.

First Methodist Church downtown C'ville

Vet’s Visit

I just returned from the vet’s office, and wowsers, this is going to an experience to remember.  I had the impression from my talk with my vet the other day, that I was to give Peaches a shot. Boy, I was wrong. I am to administer fluids every day for the next 5 days, (we completed day one at vet’s) and then every other day for 5 more days. The tech who trained me, made me do everything; she coached me, and she held Peaches for me, (I don’t have anyone to do that for me here). But I stuck her, and Peaches was dream.

Here is the stuff, 1/2 bag every day for the next 5 days, then every other day.

I am a little weak to be very honest, but, I will do it, I know it can be done, and I can do it.

Day 4 – notes, small steps, simple pleasures

Today we had a good start, I got out of bed at 5:45 am (middle of the night to me) and made Peaches go outside and pee. She refused to pee in the rain on our late night walk last night? I have no idea why not? She had that extra solution they (we) administered into her body yesterday, 1000ml of lactated ringers is what it says on the label. What ever that is? We give her 1/2 at a sitting, which is 500ml.  I am still very uncomfortable knowing I am solely responsible to administer this to her, but as it is promised, God will not give us more than we can handle, and one of the girls living here (she is a nursing student and also has to administer her own diabetic shots) offered to come help me today. I cannot tell you how blessed I feel. I did pray for assistance, I feel good knowing that prayer is being answered.

Peaches seemed to feel good on our morning walk, it was very cool out this morning, the rain dropped the temp, and washed away some of the pollen, which is wonderful.  Peaches seemed to enjoy the brisk morning air. I have shortened our walk, don’t want to push her, as she is not eating much and needs to conserve her energy. I think the walk we are taking right now is just about right for her. She also had a pretty nice poop this morning, firm and large enough for me to feel that she is eating enough food to create a little poop. I worried with all the new foods that I am offering her, the diahrea will set in, but so far we are ok! 😉

Ruthie told me she will be here around 10:30 this morning, I still have flutters going in my belly. I want to be able to handle this with ease and comfort, I pray things go well.

I am all “rigged up” and set to go. I thought it best to put this thing so she can get used to seeing it, all Ruthie has to do is step in here and put that darn needle in Peaches, which btw, was not that hard, but I can help more by holding Peaches, (most folks don’t like that part) and while I hold Peaches, Ruthie can do her magic. Then, I hope that I can finish by myself, Bascally waiting to empty the bag and pull out the needle. (to be continued)

4/09/2010…..Friday @ 2:00pm

Ruthie was a lifesaver, I am almost certain I couldn’t have done this without her assistance. Maybe tomorrow I can, I hope. Initially Ruthie put the needle in a lower area of Peaches back, and I don’t think Peaches was comfortable as she was yesterday, as she flinched rather hard, and was not wanting to relax, plus the fluid wasn’t running through the tube as fast as yesterday either, no matter how high we held it up. Peaches jumped up, and the needle came out, the fluid was squirting out the needle, no one panicked, we just calmly held Peaches and re-inserted the needle, this time a little higher up, and things began to improve, Peaches showed no anxiety this time and the stuff moved faster too. The needle was a little to the left side of her neck, I think they told me at the vet’s to move it around day to day, so I guess it was okay, she just had the large pad of  fluid bulging out of her left side of that kinda hung and looked uncomfortable. I immediately put her harness back on her, and we went outside for a walk, other than her trying to “shake off” the extra buldge, she showed no signs of discomfort. I allowed her to sit (lay) in the grass for about 10 minutes, soaking up some much needed vit D. We are now back inside and I tried to get her to eat a little more food. She is still reluctantly eating, but she had

1/4 of a crossiant

3 or 4 bites of scrambled egg

4 chunks of pan fried potato

Every little bit counts at this juncture,  it all adds up at the end of the day.  I have to drive to wholefoods in a few and buy more chicken, that canned dog food she “LOVED”  two days ago, is not even on the page today. She won’t even taste it.  <sigh> also; this is not about pickiness, this is about starving herself to death. I have to bend all the rules, and just continue working with her. A true labor of love.

Recent update: (still Friday)

I drove to wholefoods and bought chicken and chicken livers to cook here in my crockpot. I picked a few other items as well, but that is what I had to have. I was so happy upon returning, she had decided to try to eat,  most of the food on the plate was gone. I think I had some baked salmon (2 bites) organic 365 dog food from wholefoods, about 1/5 of can, 2 tbsp of my own concoction (rice, broth & ckn livers) a little mini chicken sausage, andall of  it was almost all gone. I was thrilled, and to add to that, she had that perky look when she is wanting a treat from me, so I grabbed a couple more chicken liver pieces, no go, so I grabbed the other 3/4 of the croissant and she loved it. Ate the rest of the darn thing? Yea!  I am so dumbfounded by her intake, one day she refuses everything, and the next day she eats everything in site? Oh well, food is so important right now, she had lost about 6 lbs recently. (suddenly) So eating is good. I am happy!  Man,I should have bought more croissants at whole foods? arrrggg???? (who knew)  The reason I bring this up is she needs to cut back on the protein and eat more carbs. So bread is good.

Saturday morning in the park…april 10, 2010

This morning started off rather uneventful, got up, took peaches outside, came back inside and got ready to go to the Robert E Lee Park downtown, our regular place. Springtime makes life work so well, the new growth popping out, and each day one can see the beauty of natures momentary changes, but this vision is so pretty. One day the tulips are in top form, then their luster may fade, but another group of flowers will take front row, it is a showplace, each flower getting it’s own moment of glory. I see that, I understand that, and it doesn’t make me sad, even seeing the tulips begin to droop or fade, isn’t a mournful moment, I accept that. Life is that way, nature made it that way and I have learned to accept that. When I was a child, I never thought much about the flowers that died, I didn’t wonder about such matters, I just enjoyed the moments of beauty and let that be all I needed to know. Now today, those kind of things enter my thinking and sometimes I do get a little sad, but most of the time I just accept.

What I am not accepting it the illness that Peaches has, I tend to let myself believe she is getting better, that she will bounce back, and that something that I do can affect her progress. The morning walk was good, she had a very nice poop (so important at the juncture) and her energy seemed normal considering her illness. Overall I came home in good spirits. One thing that I did notice was the baggie area under her neck, this skin is loose and hangs, but today it was even more pronounced, like it was full of water. I noticed it at the park and took a couple of pictures so I could compare.

Most people would not notice this, but she is my dog, and I look at her everyday, and that area under her neck is full. That means the fluid  is not absorbing, and the web-sites that I have looked at, all warn not to continue to add more fluid if it is not fully absorbed. I may be over cautious, but I don’t want to cause more harm.

“If the skin becomes tight, stop giving fluids in that area.

If your pet is due for another dose of fluids and you think you can still feel fluids under the skin,

do not administer more fluids until you consult with your veterinarian.”

Taken from this page

I called the vet’s office a few minutes ago, the tech is with another patient, so I am waiting on a call back. I am going to tell them I am going to give her more time to absorb this fluid, and that is that. She also threw up about 30 minutes ago, (10:30am) so that means, she threw up day before yesterday and again this morning. More, rather than less. ugh!  She won’t even THINK of eating, she seems totally repelled by the smell right now, I am not pushing that either, as it is early and she usually doesn’t want food until later in the day. <sigh>

One good day, then one not so good day. Up and Down…..

I found this Dogwood Tree this morning – I guess you could call this The Yen and The Yang.

Saturday night = heavy sighs

So, she ate 2 scrambled eggs all day. She threw up twice and she has diarrhea (could have been the coconut oil that I cooked the eggs in), she still likes and wants to go outside anytime I ask her, but otherwise, it was not such a hot day.  Maybe tomorrow will be a better day. The vets office told me to hold off on the fluids, since she is not absorbing it very fast. She still has some hanging around her neckline? That is where it would go on a dog like her (she has all that loose skin there).  The fact that she is not absorbing is not good, anyone can see that.

Sunday (wonder how I long I do this daily?)

This morning………

is a good one. Peaches did not have any more diarrhea, she actually ate 1/2 can 365 organic canned dog food and seemed to feel good on her walk. She is resting now, and  I am too. We had a good night, Rex called me on Google Video Chat and we visited and that was really nice. Working in this field (sorority life) can have it’s little drama, at times. At 5:45am I was awakened by a little [college] boy, clad in a thin t-shirt, shivering at our door banging to get inside? I put my robe on, I should have thrown a couple of curlers in my hair for good measure, and went to the door. Thankfully we have nice windows so you can see the person at the door and talk with them without opening the door, which is what i did, he goes “please let me in” (boo-hooish) of course he was drunk. I go “no, go away”. He pleaded again, “please let me in, just for a little bit”  me, “no, go away, or I will call the police” shivering and all crunched up, he tried one last time, “just a little bit” me again, “I am going to call the police if you don’t leave”. He walked off, down the street. Let me add, the side door was opened, which I continue to beg the girls to keep locked. arrrggg. He could have gone in that side door no problem, I hate those doors to the deck. Anyway, the “little bit” just kills me, what is that? lol Never a dull moment, oh, not too bad, the horror stories are living and working in guys facility, these girls are pretty easy going, and don’t bring lots of drama. The Sigma Phi’s  had a death at their house last week, he was drinking and drugging. A fourth year student, who was fixing to graduate. So dam sad.

Later I will try the fluids again. Please God hear my prayer, help me to be brave.

Monday evening….

Sunday poop- none

Sunday food – small amount of chicken, chicken livers and a very small amount of canned food.

Monday morning Peaches seemed to feel pretty good, we walked our usual, it is about a 30 minute span, slow and stopping often.

Food- am, none. Poop – am, very small turds. Water – good fluid intake. Exercise – slow, but steady.

I administered her IV fluids, she is cooperating amazingly well, just one more of the first five days to go, and then every other day for five days.

By 4:30pm, she had not eaten all day, I decided to go to the store and buy some eggs, as she has shown an interest in eggs. I left her here, and strangely, (this is not the first time either) when I returned, she had eaten almost all the food that was lying on her food dish. While I am here, she won’t eat it, but when I leave she will?  Good observation jimmie, this may help getting her to eat. And after eating that, she still ate one boiled egg, chicken livers, and part of chicken thigh, she also ate bread.

We drove to AA in Crozet, and she did not poop this evening, but she ate more food when we got home. She ate almost a full can of dog food today, more chicken livers and chicken.

Tuesday April 13  Rolling with the Coaster

Today has been a off day for food and poop. She has been totally reluctant to eat any food offered to her, all day. The only time I know she eats is when I leave the room, but the intake has been extremely minimal.  She had very bad case of the runs this afternoon. Her morning poop is not firm, but it wasn’t watery like the pm. I can certainly understand why she has no interest in food, as her little stomach is probably hurting. Still I continue to offer her bland foods, boiled chicken, rice, raw milk cheese, bread and scrambled egg. I would venture to say, she has had a small thigh, and a few bites of rice. I managed to get a very little bit of pumpkin hidden in some cream cheese, and she ate that. I don’t want to turn her off cream cheese, as that is the only way to get her to take her pills.

Energy – so far that is still holding, she never refuses to go outside, she love that, and likes to walk about. We are continuing the same walks we have been, both am and pm.

Fluid intake – the IV fluid has not fully assimilated into her body, I could see it again this morning, the skin under her neck was obviously still holding quite a lot, so I did not want to administer any more. She is drinking water and peeing normally.

Sleep – her rest periods are normal, she is sleeping peacefully.

If she would or could eat food that will bind her poop, I would feel so much better. I worry about her not eating. ????


Emailed Dr Raab this morning…..

On Wed, Apr 14, 2010 at 10:35 AM, jimmie hays <jimmieanna@hotmail.com> wrote:

Dr Raab,

I am loosing faith fast that Peaches is going to last much longer. She refuses to eat, and when I try anything new she ends up with a pure watery diarrhea, and that doesn’t seem to solve much.

Here is what she will eat, when she eats,

boiled chicken thigh
boiled chicken liver
boiled eggs
sometimes a little bread
sometimes 365 canned dog food organic

Her eating is not consistent and the days she eats, seems the next day she is sick at her stomach.

I have been keeping a daily log of her food since we spoke last April 6th, (tuesday) and each day her intake has decreased. She refuses to eat the rice, or pumpkin (two things that help her digestion (stop diarrhea).

In the last 7 days, she ate good amounts of food two of those days. The other days she either doesn’t eat or just tiny amounts. Yesterday she ate one chicken thigh (that is not much) and a tablespoon of canned dog food. This morning one chicken thigh, she would not touch the canned food. I know it is early, maybe today she will eat? I am still giving her medications to her. (even the metoclopramide for nausea).

She has thrown up at least once every other day.

Her energy is still good enough to go on walks, but they are short, but she WANTS TO DO THAT.

She resting well, she drinks plenty of water, and pees ok.

The iv fluids are not absorbing into her body, so have not been giving them every day, I wait until the pouch under her neck is  empty. Today should be good to go.

So far she had two days of fluids (thur & fri) I called your office saturday ,the tech agreed to not give them. Sun & Mon, more fluids. again yesterday signs of it hanging around. I can add more today.


I don’t think she will last much longer, since she refuses to eat. Maybe it is best? I love her, but if she doesn’t want food, then the end must be near.


jimmie hays

The end is near I fear, she has almost totally stopped eating. The poisons are gaining on her, and she is nauseated and cannot eat. I have tried everything, and even if she eats a little more often than not, she gets the runs, no digestion going on there.  I am full of fear, I am so empty, I am in major grief, and feel that nothing I try is going to make this stop.  Food is not happening. I am amazed at her energy level, she continues to want to go outside and walk around, and I am giving that to her often. But all I can see is her energy is getting burned up and soon she won’t have any reserve left. Sad? ya think? dam, dam, damit!!!  What to report today, she won’t eat, she cannot poop, she drinks some water and pees and walks. This is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, and I have been through hell and back. I try to stay strong, and keep a good attitude, but this is the hardest thing I have ever done. If she is not eating by tomorrow I wil make the call, because if after three days and only a spoon or two of food, she is going to collapse. It is not a guess, it is inevitable. Dear God, make her passing go peacefully, for her. I pray. Dear, dear, dear. I am hurting so bad. DAM.

Dr Raab agrees, if she has stopped eating, she is getting ready to go. I feel better knowing that from Dr Raab, not rely on my own personal emotional opinion. This blog has been my saving grace, it gave me a way to process all of this. Maybe she will eat later. I pray.

email back from Dr Raab….

Hi Jimmie,

You are doing very well with dear Peaches.  It is so hard as the kidneys fail and our dear friend starts to feel increasingly poorly.  You are doing all the right things.  Continue as your intuition as led with the fluids.  You are absolutely correct there.  Only give it when the previous fluids have been absorbed.  For the eating and diarrhea, try white potatoes, or sweet potatoes.  See if that will help make things more solid.  You can also try to feed hamburger or turkey instead of the chicken for a change.  If she becomes increasingly weak, does not want to go for walks or is either not eating at all or vomiting everything up, the it is probably time.  I fear that you are correct, the time is near. Enjoy her as much as you can. She is a dear companion.

Take care


Monday April 19, 2010

What a difference a day (or two) makes.

First allow me to explain something a little more clearly. If peaches is ready to go, she will tell me. So far, that is NOT what she is saying. She still loves to jump up and go outside, tail wagging, energetic and overall in a fine mood. I don’t believe in letting dogs suffer, just so I can have her in the room here with me, like some sort of half dead corpse. That ain’t me.

I stopped updating my blog last Thursday April 15th. Why?   Wellll…. things made huge turn, she started eating. First I noticed she was eating a little bit of her boiled chicken and even eating some of her goat yogurt. So, from there, I began to increase my hope. Matter of fact after I wrote the last blog on Wed 14th, cried and surrendered to the possibility that she was ready to go, I thought, “well nothing ventured, nothing gained” and grabbed her in a hammer lock pushed some chicken in her mouth and she actually chewed it from there. So I did it again, and she ate more, me still holding her by the neck. So, I let go and began to hand feed her, and several bites later, I let her go to her plate, and she ate almost everything. I was so surprised. This dish did have some of new Aluminum Hydroxide mixed in and that binds the phosphates and helps her with her digestion.

Each day since she has been eating her food. Most of the time she does it when I leave the room, but not always, and even IF I do leave the room,no guarantee she will eat, but it helps sometimes to get her to?  She is eating more of the things I emailed Dr Raab that she will eat, except that I bought some ground turkey meat (free range from Wholefoods) mixed it with pumpkin, rice and egg and cooked into a patty and she is eating some of that too. That is the best, as it binds her food. Diaharrea has passed, her poop is still very limited in size and not as firm as I would like, but (excuse me here) but I can pick it up (using the doggy poop bag of course) and that is nice.

There is no denying that I don’t want to loose my valued companion to death. But as long as we can enjoy outing such as this each day, I feel life is giving me a great gift.
Sunday April 18th, 2010 – photo in downtown courthouse sq. She does look a little tired, because we were winding down our walk. Still she is looking good for a pretty sick ole gal. She is a trooper!!!

Wednesday April 21, 2010…….

Photo: Aubrey Enoch Fouke AR (thank you Aubrey) great shot!!!
I love this photo of “the Kids” it was sent to my by Aubrey Enoch! Thanks for sending this to me, for I needed a good smile maker, this one certainly does that for me!!!

Today is rainy, cloudy and warm. I like the warm part. If the rain continues as is, it will be ok, it is just a little drizzle.   Would be nice to have sun-shining, but overall not a bad morning. I am happy to report that Peaches is eating her food regularly, she is not vomiting, she does not have the runs and her energy is good.

Friday April 30, 2010

The less I blog about this means that she is getting better…..

That is how this is playing out for me in my writing.  If things are good, moving along without much confusion, pain or indecision, then most of the time that means I am not needing to write about the good stuff. Sadly, that seems to be my typical response to most of what goes in my life, good times require no journaling, bad times, there are not enough words to make things better, but writing it down still helps.

I have been reading about Renal Failure in dogs, I have been learning more and more about the diet she needs to eat in order to not overwork her already damaged kidneys. Funny thing is, the way I am feeding her, is basically what she should be eating. One thing that I am still trying to learn is how to effectively get the phosphorus down in her diet.  What I use to do this with is the Aluminum Hydroxide, it is working, but watching the amount of phosphorus I give her will help out also.

Each week I find out new ways to help her, and everything is working out pretty good so far. I found out that I will have to continue using sub q fluids for the rest of her life. I only have to do this 2 to 3 times a week for a while. She has gained 1/2 lb since her last visit to the vet, and that is awesome. That means her food intake is picking up.  She is getting sooo spoiled by me, she knows it too. But, hey “make a wish” right? How do you want to spend your last months?  Someone nagging at you all the time? No way! I give in to her more than ever. It feels good.


The Croissant from Whole Foods Store – $1.99 plus tax.

Recently she started giving me problems again with her non appetite. I have tried and tried to get her to eat, and she would eat a little, but not enough to suit me. So each Friday we have brunch catered here, and last week I offered her a piece of croissant and she loved it, so I went back down there and grabbed about 3 more. Well, it has been great, she eats a few bites of the croissant that I offer her by hand, then I put a few more pieces on top of her turkey dish (free range) poached in a light chicken broth that has the healing energy of God. Then after a few bites more of croissant, she will eat her turkey. So I ran out of my stock from our Friday brunch, so far the only place I have found these things are at the bakery, and like my caption says on the photo; 1.99 a pop. whew! smiling!

I have tried biscuits, sliced bread, Pillsbury crescent rolls, all to no avail. She loves croissants. lol

Who knew? My gourmet girl.

have fun!


One thought on “I don’t have an answer for that

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