words and memories and fun….

This morning I ran across a little tidbit of information on my A.Word.A.Day email I subscribe to. The word today is not what got my little grinder going, it was the paragraphs which led up to the “wod”  that made it’s impact.  Read below……

with Anu Garg

According to a story, probably apocryphal, former US Vice President Dan Quayle once said, “I was recently on a tour of Latin America, and the only regret I have is that I didn’t study Latin harder in school so I could converse with those people.”

Latin is a dead language. No people speak it as their everyday language. The area south of the US is called Latin America because most of the people down there speak Spanish, Portuguese, or French, all derived from Latin.

Latin took its name from Latium, a region in ancient Italy. Various dialects of Latin eventually blossomed into the Romance languages: French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, and Spanish, while Latin itself faded away.

Fortunately, you don’t have to travel to Latin America to use this week’s terms from Latin. They have been borrowed into English and are now part of the language.

Now today looking back on that  I can honestly say that Dan Quayle is and always was a mental midget. Good gosh?  He was our VP of the USA? He was in Latin America and wishing he had learned Latin in school so he could converse with the Latins? OMG…. Almost no one I know would have difficulty seeing how pathetic it was that we allowed such mentally impaired individuals to represent our country. I then began to look at our present state of politics, an area I don’t frequent much anymore, but even so, it is still impossible to not run across the same sort of frequent displays of simpleton. I know that this is almost cliche, but you got it;  top of the list springs our lovely Sarah Palin, the former Governor of Alaska, and also someone who many people that I know personally actually credit  with possessing the skills to lead our country.

I just did a quick google “sarah palin gaffes” and of course there are lots to choose from, but here is my fast pick…

If you click over to view it, that is the mess I am speaking about, and to be fair we can run the same google for Dan Quayle

Our electorate is not much different than it was some 30 years ago, when he and Bush 41 swept the country in a presidential run.

Moving on away from politics but staying in the arena of things we repeat …..

Another meat recall – 2-13-2010 announced, but I wasn’t aware of it at all. I never heard a word about this one until I happened upon a blog this weekend. How do folks who don’t watch tv get this information? Sometimes I guess tv serves a good use, this is one of those times, (I am assuming the tv did announce the recall)        Here is a link to a newspaper article

CHICAGO (Reuters) – Unsafe conditions have prompted a California meat company to recall another 4.9 million lbs of beef and veal, expanding its previous recall to nearly 5.8 million lbs, the Agriculture Department said on Saturday. (more at link)

How can this be I ask, but of course I know that question is nonsence. How can this not be is more easily discerned.

On a personal level, I don’t give a flip about the meat recall, I don’t eat the stuff anymore, and when people ask me why, I don’t usually give them detailed reasons, I just say, oh I will eat meat, but not factory farmed stuff. That seems to be adaquate response and the person whom I am speaking with, doesn’t really know what I am talking about and actually most could care less.

I think that is the way it has been for a long, long time and it is time for those of us who actually care to start having some fun. I still care, I still have memories, and I am here to enjoy life.

Here is what I did last Saturday

Fishing on a cold winter day on a icy pond.

Old barn sitting next to apple orchard in Crozat, VA

Old barn in the apple orchard in Crozat VA

Me standing .....

Yep, that is what I love to do, take pictures and breath in the mountain air for now.

have fun…..

Resistance is about believing that you are vulnerable or susceptible to something not wanted and holding a stance of protection, which only holds you in a place of not letting in the Well-being that would be there otherwise. There is nothing big enough to protect you from unwanted things — and there are no unwanted things big enough to get into your experience  (quote from Abraham)

makes perfect sense and further supports my simple premise “have fun”


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