It’s A Holiday~

Today is MLK Holiday across the USA.   A  federal holiday, according to Wiki,  it is one of four federal holiday’s which are celebrated for an individual. One good thing about dying by gunshot and dying before your old age, is we tend to commerate the life on those more reverently. I guess it is because as we grow older, we become less glamorous. I think the youth thing prevails even when we choose who we love, even after death.  You know, taken out before their time kind of thing.

Anyway, I am happy that we do honor MLK, he was a great man, a great orator, and who knows how things here would have progressed had he been able to live longer? I wrote a little piece about him a couple years ago, and I want to put here, it was  actually written to commemorate his passing, the day he was gunned down back in April of 1968.

Pardon me for the cut and paste article, but I feel compeled to do this, when I get a strong feeling such as this I act upon it. Maybe someone will benefit, I know his words have great meaning for me.

On April 4, 1968, Kennedy learned of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. and gave a heartfelt, impromptu speech in Indianapolis’ inner city, in which Kennedy called for a reconciliation between the races. Riots broke out in 60 cities in the wake of King’s death, but not Indianapolis, a fact many attribute to the effect of this speech.[15]

“But we have to make an effort in the United States. We have to make an effort to understand, to get beyond, or go beyond these rather difficult times.

My favorite poem, my — my favorite poet was Aeschylus. And he once wrote:

Even in our sleep, pain which cannot forget
falls drop by drop upon the heart,

until, in our own despair,
against our will,
comes wisdom
through the awful grace of God.

What we need in the United States is not division; what we need in the United States is not hatred; what we need in the United States is not violence and lawlessness, but is love, and wisdom, and compassion toward one another, and a feeling of justice toward those who still suffer within our country, whether they be white or whether they be black.

So I ask you tonight to return home, to say a prayer for the family of Martin Luther King — yeah, it’s true — but more importantly to say a prayer for our own country, which all of us love — a prayer for understanding and that compassion of which I spoke.

We can do well in this country. We will have difficult times. We’ve had difficult times in the past, but we — and we will have difficult times in the future. It is not the end of violence; it is not the end of lawlessness; and it’s not the end of disorder.

But the vast majority of white people and the vast majority of black people in this country want to live together, want to improve the quality of our life, and want justice for all human beings that abide in our land.

And let’s dedicate ourselves to what the Greeks wrote so many years ago: to tame the savageness of man and make gentle the life of this world. Let us dedicate ourselves to that, and say a prayer for our country and for our people.

Thank you very much.” delivered 4 April 1968, Indianapolis, IN Robert F. Kennedy

This is just a portion of his speech, the link will provide it in entirety. I was listening to this speech tonight, it was his voice and hearing his voice and listening to his words inspired me to put it here.

I understand how one man’s courageous act and heartfelt words can impact our world.

We must all remember that!

In and Of Love, jimmieanna

Martin Luther King was a great leader, and so were many others who we lost during those treacherous times of the 60’s. Here is a song that pulls that together.

-by “the awful grace” –


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