If you want to read about Thanksgiving

I suggest you go somewhere else…….

Don’t get me wrong, I am not against gratitude, and I certainly have much to be grateful for and moreover, I wake each morning and I thank Love for my many gifts. I am grateful throughout the day, not just one day, but every day and today is no exception. But today is not my only day of thanks, and it is not going to be my only focus……

If you want to read my thoughts on Thanksgiving, I did a thorough blog on it last year, and my thoughts haven’t changed in that regard. No point in repeating....thanksgiving-pain-and-recovery

A few nights ago, I saw an amazing video called

“From The Heart Of The World”

It was about a unique indigenous community that lived in Northern Colombia who say they are keeping the world in balance.

The Kogi are my focus these last few days, and I doubt that I will be able to forget them when they don’t inhabit my main focus. But for the moment, they do just that, I cannot forget them and I cannot ignore their warnings.

You see, they too are aware we are slowly wiping out their culture. Maybe not in a way that is so obvious, if you read about them you will understand what I am saying. You can also view this video and hear them speak, unfortunately you will not understand their words, for they have a language all their own. Of course here in US we discount anyone else’s audacity to not speak our language, so most won’t care what is being said, nothing matters if it isn’t in English, right? hump…

You may ask….

Why are the Kogi unique?

The Kogi are unique among the world’s indigenous cultures because the Spaniards never conquered them. They are said to have memory of the beginning of time and remember the rampage the conquistadors brought to their region in 1498.

The Kogi represent the most complete surviving civilization of pre-Colombian America. They are not hunter-gatherers or a wondering tribe; they are a nation whose fields have been continuously cultivated for more than a thousand years.

(let me repeat…they have lived and “cultivated” their lands for more than a thousand years)

The Kogi believe they are the “Elder Brothers,” the guardians of life on Earth. Through their mind power and meditation they keep the world in balance. They live in “Aluna,” an inner world of thought and potential. They are now concerned because their Mountain is dying.

Everything about their history and religion is passed down through oral instructions and their lives are run by the spiritual leaders or Shamans named “Mamas.”(more at source: http://www.labyrinthina.com/kogi.htm

This morning I walked outside and there is a cover of fog swimming about here in Charlottesville. It will burn off, and then things will be more clear. To me that is a metaphor of how we tend to view our life. When things are not so clear, we tend to just wait it out, and believe that it will clear up. We kill to stay peaceful, we degrade the planet to stay warm, we consume to stay comfortable in our head which is always saying I want more.

I grew up in a simple town
grew up the simple way…..
i loved
i lost
and then
ran away~

there was More out there
go find your way….

go looking for More.
was told
“thats the way”
grab “all” you want
find More
they would say.

I have looked long
and hard
to find More
I’d say.
never did too well,
see More runs away.

The minute I’d find
what to me looked
like More
More changed shape
and evened the score.
Then poof like a spark
with no More than before

I would speed up my pace
and run faster after More
Now that was a long ride
running hard after More.

I learned the hard way…
let go of More
for even when I’d get it
some one has More.

There is never enough More
is what I know today.
so what I have done
is let More go away.
let go of More,
so easy to do,
and if you can
say bye to it too
you will see



The poem is rough on the edges, but it has a message for our gluttonous society. WE ARE CONSUMERS. We are an ant society based upon consumption. WE kill, we breed more and we continue to need more and more…ad infintum. How much more can our planet take and how many more do we have to kill to stay at peace?

I am going to have a very “spartan” meal today consisting of a nourishing broth that has been simmering for 14 hours and will continue for several more today. I have sprouted some brown rice and have several other little sweets that have been here made by me (gifts for the girls) or left by the girls (gifts for their professors). So I am graced with a bounty and almost no effort really. Simply simple.

I pray for all the ancient cultures who still survive today, I ask forgiveness for the “younger brothers” who are not awakened and pray they will soon awaken and see. I feel pain today, I feel…..

I am awake, I am blessed, I am grateful, even when the things I see are so dim. Just like the morning fog that greeted me this morning…..

This too will pass, but I will be forever changed, and don’t forget “change is inevitable”. Sooo with that in mind, who knows, because if I can change, anyone, anywhere can. I believe that and that gives me great hope.

“You are changing the world into light. Be not afraid of your innocence
and your child nature, it is close to God. Let your imagination soar
into a Dream where love surrounds all events, then “see” it as real.
Let the sounds of your hearts talk to tho…se who are not alive. You have
shown them the way by your example, now “show” them the way from
within. Listen, and your heart will speak. We are with you now. We will
help you.”. (Kogi message)

After all, this is what we have to look forward to….

Life matters!!!


(photo  of Hays and Autumn, courtsey of Aubrey Enoch)


One thought on “If you want to read about Thanksgiving

  1. This morning it was frosty at 37 degrees. Well, the air was 37 but those water crystals were 32. You can bank on it. We think every thing is air temperature
    when the radiant flux is so huge.
    Those indians were saying,”Not too much longer and these dumb asses will be gone and we can get back to normal. We can handle five hundred years of dumb asses. It’s just a wrinkle, just a little wrinkle so we can know what we have.”

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