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Time is such an interesting concept, and as each season begins it’s cycle, I become even more enchanted with thoughts on time. I have been writing about Time for a few years, I have also saved a few quotes of others, who have made statements about Time which I found to be of interest. This morning as time has once again changed, I wanted to gather this together and add a bit more.

“The single greatest discovery in the history of human existence, a discovery that brought unbelievable chaos, was the insight: “We Die.”
It is not death itself but our consciousness of death that structures the whole of our life. The whole of human civilization emerged from that original insight. Humans alone are conscious of approaching death; animals do not know of it. Imagine a time before humans arrived at a point of self-consciousness, before they lost their innocence to self-awareness. They knew nothing of death. There was only the experience of the moment. There was not awareness of any need to provide for the future. Like the birds of the air and lilies of the field, they had no need to be concerned. They did not “spin, reap, or gather into barns.” It was, in a way, a sort of paradise. There were no rights to protect. Life was harsh but here was no concept “harshness” and no worry about what the future would bring. With the gradual emergence of self-consciousness all that changed, and there came the awareness of vulnerability. One day–there had to be a first time–in the presence of what they had seen time and time again but never pondered, then came the stunning insight: “I, too shall die.”

Sean Caulfield from In Praise of Chaos circa 198



crab tail circa 2006
yikes. i had a problem with time too, when i finally ‘felt’ time, i
also felt fear, doubts, insecurities, i was then able to feel
offense, found myself separate from others which left me disoriented,
i also realized a different concept of death and feared it. i became
very limited and condensed and i was never the same. i am always
trying to backtrack there’s. but i can never unlearn what i have
learned and can never quite find my way back to wheres i was before.
before. i now know before. i now know regrets, i now know how to fear
tomorowland. the fears of the insecure afters of which i once knew no
concept of, but like the natives in this strange terrain i
became ‘infected’ with their disease, and now i live as well within
the prison of time like the rest.


This is my response:


Jimmie summer of 2006

This quote(crabtail) is from an autistic member of a forum that I subscribe to for people who want to learn more about autism. I was asking[post on forum] about the concept of time in relation to teaching time to the young man whom I work with. I was asking members of the forum that I assumed had done this[teach time] and could give me some ways to go about helping my client. I had no idea I would elicit a response from one of the autistic members of the group. It was[wonderfully] more than I bargained for, because the essence of Crab tail’s post contains such insight that I continue to ponder her thoughts and I am left asking myself why do I want to cross that bridge of time with Danny?

I know that time is important in society, therefore I see how Danny can benefit from learning time. Yet…..philosophically speaking; is the knowledge of time leaving paradise behind.

Of course, this also opens up a dialog on the concept of God. For one thing, in God’s world does not time exist. When we begin to look at time in such a way as this we can certainly understand the further premise that autistics may have a spiritual connection to God that most will never understand. Which confuses me more in my approach to teaching Danny time? I do it, I try to let him understand time, it seems so important to him, and when I am with him I have knowledge to share with him that seems to flow, it is as if I am being guided. I do not feel guilty teaching Danny time, but I tell him often that someday he may resent my teaching him this. He tells me he will never do that. I do not know about that because if presently he does not understand time, he cannot fear what is heading his way, when he does understand the concept. If I thought that there was a way to let Danny teach me how to live in his world, I might consider letting him teach me instead. Because like Crab tail stated so beautifully “but like the natives in this strange terrain i
became ‘infected’ with their disease, and now i live as well within
the prison of time like the rest.”
I would love to lose the infection of time and all that comes with it. I fight fear daily; I have to give it to God. I have to fall into his hands and let myself go. I have to loose my self-consciousness. Something that has naturally developed thru mankinds evolution. And yet I am passing my infection on to another.
December 2006….
Just as a note to the above, Danny’s concept of time is safely hidden away. He did not learn time, at least not enough to injure his innocent  and vulnerable existence. He is safe for now.

Today is November 1, 2009

(that time thing already)

Today  is the first day of the “new time” called “daylight savings time”. As if we could ever save time. Time is a human concept, so much so, that we even make laws to save it. We move it around to meet our needs, we move it up and  back each year. The entire continent, save a couple of states join in this mighty effort to “save time”. If you are interested here is a global map and how time is “changed”   I was not aware of how this time thing was such a global effort? I mean, time is not the same everywhere, so a difference already exist, say for example in Great Britain, we are 5 or 6 hours behind them anyway, so not really that aware of their time change, when we have such a difference already. But of course I live on the East Coast in US, and we are 4 hours ahead of California. That is a lot of difference in time.

We have lots of quotes that deal with time. For example:

A stitch in time saves nine.


You use this proverb to say that it is better to spend a little time to deal with problems or act right now than wait. If you wait until late, things will get worse, and it will take much longer to deal with them.

Fall or is it?

Fall is a such a dubious time of year for me, on the one hand I love the weather of this season, it is crispy, cool but not usually cold, it is wet, but usually not too wet (for some that is not true). Each season brings with it a variance, and if we go back and look at recorded averages  we see trends. Speaking in terms of  trends, our weather systems are consistent within our regions.  Here is a web-site that gives more details click here. As usual, we pay our tax dollars to a government agency and they provide jobs to highly skilled workers to gather and make this information available to us. Back to Fall; I was listening to NPR a few nights ago, and heard a very interesting article/interview. It is called Why Leaves Really Fall Off Trees, and I was most interested in this article. One thing that I love about Fall, (probably the most precious to me) is watching the colors change on the trees at the time we call Fall. In this article the scientist who is interviewed has been studying this concept and discovered that leaves do not actually “fall” from the trees, no that is not how it goes, according to his research and I quote

According to Peter Raven, president of the Missouri Botanical Garden and a renowned botanist, the wind doesn’t gently pull leaves off trees. Trees are more proactive than that. They throw their leaves off. Instead of calling this season “The Fall,” if trees could talk they’d call this the “Get Off Me” season. (more at article)

Hmmm? So it isn’t actually Fall he says? Oh man, that is a harsh new discovery. All this time we have called Fall  that name, because we had assumed it was the time of year when leaves began to fall. There is even a wonderful old song called “Falling Leaves” wow. I guess they have to change that tune to “Get Off Me Leaves” , could be catchy I guess. But now, we are changing the seasonal names too? I imagine we will not do that. Fall is ingrained in our society time structure. But who would have thought we could be so cavalier as to change time either? We do that, maybe we can change the name of season by a legal proclamation issued by the government where all states will no longer call Fall, Fall. We now call it “Get Off Me” .

Why Do Trees Cut The Leaves Loose (I asked)

I must admit I got caught up in this new discovery, as to why the tree would want to make their leaves drop to the ground. Not all trees do this you know, we have some that are called evergreen trees, they keep their leaves or whatever that part of their limb is called; pine needles, spruce trees, and others. But why does a tree want to shed it’s leaves? Of course if you have already heard the NPR article or studied this in science you well know the answer, but for those waiting for me to tell you, in the article he states it is so the tree will not die during the winter. It is a survival process that has been acquired over years of evolution. The tree sheds the leaves in order to stay alive. It is like cutting loose the staff of a big hotel when business slows down. The leaves are not needed and so they are “let go”. If the tree made a decision to let the leaves stay on for the winter, the entire tree would die (most likely).
Wow, that got me thinking. A tree cuts loose the staff during the winter in order to survive, it brings up all kind of moral issues. I mean on a moral level is this the right thing to do? I mean look at all those millions of leaves that are left to die on the ground? What about them and their right to live? Who is going to stand up for the rights of leaves? Leaves give us beauty, without beautiful leaves, we don’t have shade, we have to rake them up and carry them to landfills and make mulch from them. But wait? Mulch? If we did not have those millions of leaves to cover the ground during winter and summer would we have the same vegetation? Didn’t I read somewhere that leaves actually provide something necessary for the continuing process of growth.  I think leaves on the ground make other important contributions to our environment. Nature per/evolution, has figured this all out, and I don’t think we need laws to protect the leaves. We could however, have some kind of proclamation drawn up in congress to stop the shedding of leaves on trees. I don’t think our trees care much about our laws. But time? Well, time is man made. It isn’t actually bought or sold, it is not a commodity, but not like air or water, it is not the same you know? Time is out there. It can be measured, but it cannot be bought. I don’t even know if it can actually really be saved, but we do try. Can you buy time? Cosmetic industry, pharma illogical industry, medical industry would tell you yes. I suppose those industries are contributing to the “buy time” concept.

Time travel

I have been going back in time recently. My brother ask me to watch Friday Night Lights, the tv series and I have been doing that. Watching this show has made me do some time traveling. You see I grew up in a family that resemble the shows premise. A father who was coach, a small town that was fully focused upon the high school football team, and most of all, drama surrounding that focus. I don’t think I was so aware of that focus (not consciously anyway) until I began to watch this show. But as I have watched this show and it’s drama unfold, I noticed some emotions being awakened from years gone by. You know the brain does not know difference between the events that are happening in the now and ones that we bring up from the past, at least that is my own understanding of it when speaking of an emotional response to either past or present.

However, here is an interesting thought:

You’re not your sense perceptions. 

You are the awareness 

that makes all sense perception possible

You’re not your emotions. 

You’re the awareness 

that makes all these emotions possible.

Go to the timeless part of you for healing,

for unconditional love, for peace, beauty.

Timeless moments, where we can just BE.

So that’s the dimension where you are timeless.
Everything else is time.

Crossing the Mighty Mississippi, alone I might add and it was a little difficult getting this photo, as I was
holding my hand up in the sunroof snapping away. :)
Oh and the thing I don’t like about Fall, hmmm? I used to perceive it as as deaths doorway. You know the dying process, but now I am changing my perception, if the leaves are just being asked to take the winter off and not so much death, as a process to enable the mighty tree to survive, should I pay homage to the judgement thing of it being either good or bad? I think  I will be okay to leave that to nature. Things seem working out just fine on that order.
Oh, and one other thing, Peaches 
will not be participating in the time change.
She will wake the same time,
she will want to eat at the same time,
she will never find it necessary
to adjust her inner clock,
which works quite well I might add.

One thought on “Time/Change (s)

  1. The time change is always weird. I’m still in the stage of asking my self ” what time is it really?” The goats are on sun time like Peaches. I still don’t get how this time changing is supposed to save energy.
    The school bus is running in the dark in the morning on DST. Don’t you know the mommas like that. Not enough stress in your life? OK try getting your kids up and dressed and fed breakfast and out the door before daylight. Who thought this up anyway?

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