Last evening I downloaded a new Browser on my pc. I have discovered it is in a way, a bit like moving to a new city. My old browsers have been in use for several years, and both of them have sites saved, that I very familiar with. When I decided to try this one out, I left all my favorites behind. I can still access them, they just aren’t bookmarked. That has allowed me to become more adventurous, as I cannot just click a link and go to my (almost) habitual sites.

I like this, for it has forced me into territories that I don’t often venture. One place was a great posting of some interviews that Joni Mitchell put on the new CD liner on her newest Album; Shine.

Here is what she said…

1. “One Week Last Summer” (instrumental) (From the CD liner notes: Album….. Shine “I stepped outside of my little house and stood barefoot on a rock. The Pacific Ocean rolled towards me. Across the bay, a family of seals sprawled on the kelp uncovered by the low tide. A blue heron honked overhead. All around the house the wild roses were blooming. The air smelled sweet and salty and loud with crows and bees. My house was clean. I had food in the fridge for a week. I sat outside ’til the sun went down. That night the piano beckoned for the first time in 10 years. My fingers found these patterns that expressed what words could not. This song poured out while a brown bear rummaged through my garbage cans.”)

“This was originally titled ‘Gratitude,’ and it was the first piece I wrote for this album. I was in my house north of Vancouver, and I was feeling so grateful for this place that I’ve owned since 1969. I’d written a lot of my songs here-nearly all of For the Roses and Court & Spark, but that was on a baby grand which proved to be too big for the space. I finally replaced it with a spinet that has an old Wurlitzer five-stop electric keyboard in it.

After 10 years of not playing the piano or my guitar, I sat down at the spinet and this just poured out in the spirit of I’m-so-happy-to- be-here. I was just ripple watching and cleaning my house, watching the shoals change and Big Bird flying over. It was cheap thrills at a time when nothing in Hollywood made me feel good. I started playing the piano and at first came noodles, a nucleus of sound. Then the dam broke and it began to pour out.”

I was so moved by her words; the song that she first called Gratitude, is an instrumental. It is truly beautiful. I like to listen to it when I am feeling a little low, (but not wanting to feed into that feeling). I did not know anything about this song until today. I have been listening to her new song, for weeks.

when I read her explanation of how the song came about, it surprised me really. I actully never really thought much about how she got the music, I just liked it and listened.

There is something that speaks to me about her words, the length of time she has not played pianno, the solitude she was experiencing, the small and large things that she was able to capture in the moment.

words that express moments, that allow someone like to Joni Mitchell to survive this world. Then what she does is; share her inner spirits message with us all, and we can get some much needed relief.

I am grateful….for that, I am grateful that I too can create. I am grateful that we all contribute and create so much here



2 thoughts on “Shine

  1. gratitude…… I’ll e-mail a gratitude story that came out last week.
    We’ve had almost 30″ of rain since the first of Sept. It finally dried up enough to plant some lettuce and cabbage and broccoli that I had started in flats. The stuff was ready to plant two weeks ago but it was too wet. I started eating the lettuce right out of the flats. The first flats from 8/31 got so big and I had 30 or 40 so I got Autumn to take the scissors and cut off the little plants and put them in a bowl
    It was right down her alley. She ‘s all over those scissors jobs.
    It was so cool to have the flat on the table on the screened back porch
    I’ve just been cutting it off as meal time comes around. These flats are 72 cell so you have 72 little plugs of dirt with 1 to 5 or 6 little
    lettuces about 4″ or 5″ tall. It turns out to be a good bit of lettuce.

    Don’t get me started on inspections. I was fire drill and life safety guy at The Leaves Nursing Facility for 10 years….I love inspections
    Fire. medi-care. OSHA. Insurance companies. boilers. I was thinking about Wesley Caskey from the Richardson Fire Dept. a couple of weeks ago. He is a very nice man. And very serious about the fire safety thing. After a couple of years he kind of backed off and would say “i don’t need to look at that Aubrey I know you’ve got things in good shape”. I thought he was being a bit of a light weight at the time. I did all that shit and I wanted him to look at it and know I did it. I was over by the hoop house there a couple of weeks ago and it came to me that Wes wasn’t no light weight he was just busy.
    He knew all those fire drill reports were in that notebook and he knew all those fire extinguisher’s tags were up to date. He wasn’t concerned that ever little paragraph was followed. He just wanted the place safe. He saw it was and had to go.

    • Thank you Aubrey for the comments, I always love your perspectives. Thank you so much for reading my post and more, for comments!

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