Taking out the trash

Whose job is that?


Okay, I am well aware that this picture doesn’t match my title at all. But that is okay, it doesn’t really have to. I just put this nice fall flower display here because it is my blog and I can put whatever I like. I like fall flowers.

Who takes out your trash? Do you have a designated person that has this job? Or do you do like we do here, let it pile up and heap over the edges, falling on the floor, and maybe one of them will take it a whole few feet to the dumpster outside. But most likely, it sits all weekend until the guy that has to clean the kitchen after dinner Monday night,  has to load it out there, ( a whole few feet).

When I was a little girl I am not sure who carried out the trash. I know as I grew older it was a chore that we all did, very reluctantly. I still hear my parents mantra “did you take out the trash?” or similar questions. the replies;  “It isn’t my turn” or “I did it last time” or “why do I always have to do it”. Those are some of the replies that come flashing back into my head today. Trash was so easy back then, just cart it down to the old rusty 50 gallon drum, and dump into the drum. When it got full, burn it. It was all gone. Clean and ready to go for the next time. Then when the ashes got too high, Daddy would do something with those? I have no idea? Maybe carry those to the city dump. I vaguely recall the city dump, it was a free dumping ground for household stuff. Old mattresses, furniture, discarded paint or lumber. Whatever wouldn’t fit into the 50 gallon drum to burn could be easily (and for free) tossed out there. It could also be a major dumpster dive for those looking for someone else’s treasure. You know; “one mans treasure is another mans trash” so the saying goes. There is truth in that saying.

Trash was not that big a deal, it just got tossed, burned, or hauled and all of that was free. We did not worry about toxins, we did not worry about air quality or water getting contaminated. Not back then, all that would come later. Life began to get complicated as I got older.

Today? Well, we still dump things in the trash but like the toilet flushing, we just expect someone else to take it from there. We don’t know much about where our debris goes. We pay someone else to take care of it for us. Life is good. No more dealing with it much, well, except the demeaning part of hauling it a few feet to the dumpster. If we can hold out, we pay someone else to do that for us too. Life is so good. We don’t have look at trash, we don’t have to handle trash, and we don’t have to think about trash. Trash get taken care of by someone else.

Beautiful….S6301639Don’t you wish for things sometimes. Just look at the view? It is so wonderful. I call it the colors before death. Nothing is permanent. Things come and go, seasons change, and just before the dark winter sets in, the fall colors blast out at us, to remind us of what is to come? That even though it is death in progress, that we are beautiful then also. I wonder?

I wish we could get rid of the trash in our heads like we do the trash in our houses. We just pile those bad thoughts, bad memories, bad mantras, bad ideas, bad actions and many more bads all in a trash bag and dump them Stuff it full and close it tightly so no one else can see what we are tossing. Then we could keep our insides all fresh and clean. But what is bad? What is trash in my or your heads? Who decides? If my bad idea is your good idea, would that mean that I am throwing away good stuff?  I don’t want to get too deep here, for this could become a discussion of philosophy and then no real ending (as if?) lies in my blog. I want to end this today. Not write about this the rest of my life.

Good vs Bad    ?

Is there a tool that tells me what is good thoughts? bad thoughts?  I am thinking of the vibrational levels that occur when I feel that inside pain. I know that feels bad inside, cause I knot up and bend over in agony, there is no joy. I don’t know if good or bad actually exit, or is that is cultural conditioning. When I tell someone NO, is that feeling inside of me, the conditioning of the people pleaser, that I always was, unable to know how to stand on my feet, and conditioned like Pavlov’s dog, to immediately agree with “whatever?” (fill in the blank).  Then I get to “feel good” because I am rewarded with a smile. Conditioning? Good vs Bad? Cultural, Religious belief, family customs, Patriotism, propaganda? good or bad? Circles? What to throw out? What is a good thought?

No way to answer this question, I don’t think….

If I don’t think, that is good? If I think too much, that is bad? I am confused. What do I toss out of my head.

Life is not as simple as trash day. Sure it may be easy to gather all of the crap in your house and toss it in the dumpster. That feels so clean and nice. But what do I toss out of my head? Who decides?


I just googled that word, well I put the words in “rules for recycling” and wa-la… there are people paid big bucks to tell you how to recycle.


If I google, rules for trash in my head, do you think they have a site for that? Let me try.


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