What you do is minuscule in comparison with what you choose to think, because your vibration is so much more powerful and so much more important.

— Abraham


It is Sunday and I have just returned from the always joyful and most of the time insightful Sunday Morning on the Downtown Mall. This morning was most interesting (that is just life) and some of the thoughts I had were downright genius. But those thoughts were taught to me by Peaches. She is such a great teacher, and she hasn’t got a certified teaching degree either. No her lesson plans are quite remarkable, all I have to do is be with.

the leaning man

This first picture is fun. I was already in my car and backing up to turn around when I noticed this guy leaning far to his right. He really has fallen asleep in an uncomfortable position. You know when your body needs sleep, it will drift off anywhere. I  noticed the man  standing above him, looking somewhat perplexed? Maybe he did not have a good nights sleep and is asking how this man does that?

I took two pictures,  I was quite some distance from this man and his leaning sleep trick, so I wanted to try and get a good one….

three guys

I call this one three guys. One running, one reading, one leaning.  Life is full of contrast.

Speaking of contrast, I got this photo last Friday while out on a country road…..


The sky was so pretty, it was getting near dusk, but I was able to catch a few nice pics.

S6305102 Actually I was trying to take a picture of this …….

S6305099This giant ancient tree stands near the entrance to the Emanual Episcopal Church in Greenwood VA. I have no idea of even an estimated age of this old guy, but it spreads out in all directions and would make a great tree climbing adventure or one awesome “tree-house” .  I don’t advocate either, just out of respect for the old guy. It is so stately.


Along a new path that Peaches and I have ventured lately is the Omni Hotel. We enjoy sniffing our way down the sidewalk and seeing new sites. This hotel actually sits at the entrance of the Downtown Mall.

There is also a nice patio to eat breakfast (or any other meal one chooses) I like the idea of a nice morning brunch out here.


In the parking lot that Peaches and I have been walking through recently, was this big traveling band bus.


I don’t really know who Keith Urban is, but seems like he might be a popular singer. As I walked past his bus, I decided to snap a few photos. As I was doing that I suddenly thought maybe I could get Peaches to stand in front of the bus. But she wasn’t interested. She keeps her nose to the ground, what interest her in scents.


Which kind of got me to thinking about freedom. She has a inner knowing,   what really matters is right there beneath her nose. Otherwise, it isn’t of any real concern to her. She doesn’t care if Keith Urban is staying in the Omni,  she could care less if I take her picture standing in front of  his bus. She isn’t really interested in the clouds hovering above….


No, she is simply exploring what is right in her path, smelling and sniffing. I realize that my lesson for today;  the more time for joy in my life is based upon how I view my external world. Why is Keith Urban’s bus interesting to me, just another bus, Peaches isn’t impressed, why should I be? I don’t even know one song he sings, (maybe I do, but don’t know it is his?). But still, Peaches has life simplified.


One thing that does interest me about his bus, is the logo. That is right Keith,….”escape together” and that isn’t you and me. It is me and the world. We are all connected, and we ALL have freedom to escape together. I like that…..

My vibes are good, my thoughts are happy, and mind is slowed.


Me and Peaches, taking life slow!

have fun!

Oh…btw, there is always room for a little diversion, even Peaches admits to that.



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