Intuitive thoughs….

My Most Important Relationship Is With My Source… There is no relationship of greater importance to achieve than the relationship between you, in your physical body, right here and now, and the Soul/Source/God from which you have come.

Abraham (

What is that? How to I do that? Do I? Should I? Will I? What is in IT for me? ad infinitum


My Sunday begins with a wonderful tourist style stroll on the Mall. I was thinking this morning,  if I took this route every day, that I would lose some of the excitement that comes to me each Sunday. It would become “routine” and with familiarity breed contempt. So with camera in hand, I stroll along the Mall, enjoying the picture windows and all of their lovely adornments.  I get a sense of grace while walking about the downtown outdoor Mall. Inevitably someone will ask me what kind of dog Peaches is and I sometimes get to stop and visit with strangers. That is fun.

S6305012I spoke with this cheerful little man this morning, he gave me a big happy smile.  I told him he reminded me of  days long gone, when one of  his fellow statues lived in the guest bedroom that I always slept in, at my grandma’s house. I told him that his friends face scared me at night. I was always so afraid that his friend would come to life when I was asleep and do what (?) I have no clue? Get larger and attack me, I guess. I was very young. But this happy guy made me smile today, I am not afraid of ceramic statues anymore (not any revelation, I know).  This store has lots of these guys lined up in a row, I enjoyed visiting them.

S6305011Another thing on the Mall that is fun to look at, is this whimsical couch. It is covered in shiney tiles and sits outside one of the shops.

S6304857Sometimes people like to take a break and sit down on this hard concrete couch.  I don’t think they stay very long, it is not very soft and comfy.


If you walk down these steps, there are a couple of pricey shops.

S6305000Clothes for men and women.

S6305005Gates that cover doors that lead into spaces unknown?

S6305002And standing on the other end of this little pathway, you can see where I was a few minutes ago.


Here is a fun looking store window, you can see Peaches if you look very hard. I really do not know what this stuff would be useful for, (other than taking pictures and blogging) but I suppose one could bring this home and create a magical little shrine. I do like this!

Which kind of brings me back to the quote I took from Abraham today. That source which is so important to connect to. I think of it in a way like the magical little scene, in a way that is how I am able to become child-like. I see this world in so many different ways, but the one that is the best is the perfect world of wonder and awe. Carl Sagan once said; “You are living in a paradise right here on this earth.” he was narrating the documentary he did for PBS (actually a series) called Cosmos. circa 1980.  I was in one of those places at the time (when I heard him say that) that I was seeing  a dark painful world, overcome with war, hate, prejudice and all that comes along with that. Hearing him and watching the 7 dvd’s (which I missed when it aired on tv) was truly an ah-ha moment for me. I believe that my connection with Source has enabled me to see this paradise the way it is described by people such as Carl Sagan. Did I find God on the Mall today?  That would be a question to ask my ego? For me, just suffice to say, there is magic in All around us, just keep looking….ad-infinitum!

have fun!

Oh….I think I will go watch some of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos 😉


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