Greetings and Salutations ;)

New Home


I am moving my soon to be defunct Sampa site, over to  I recently was notified that Sampa would be shutting down its entire site, and if the users did not move their blog, it would be completely lost. I have never moved one of my blogs before, and I have many. I would guess that I  have 8 or maybe more, which  I have started and some forgotten. I love playing with this medium, and once the pages are drawn up and spaces have been filled, sometimes I loose interest in the entire project (the story of my life) but not complaining, it keeps me interested in doing and learning new things.

So what I wanted to say today is in regard to my little episode with Famiva.  Oh my,  I am very embarrassed by that incident. I had no idea that you  all would get all of those emails inviting you to join Famiva and I feel like it was more like Spam, even though their techs offered apology, I still think they jumped the gun on the entire project.

How I found out?

Scott emailed me and asked “did you send me something from famiva?”

Naturally, I knew something was up, I had been trying all day to import my Sampa site to Famiva,  but had not received anything back email-wise from them.  So I immediately replied….

“I am trying to move my Sampa site to Famiva and I am having a heck of a time with it. It keeps giving these errors. Sampa is my old (still up until Aug 17th) blog and then it is closing.

So long story short, I did not send it, but maybe it is related to me trying to get my site set up there. Could you forward me the email? Pweaze…”

So a little while later, from Scott…..

"here it is...I have gotten 8 invites~ LOL"

so here is what he sent arrrggggg....

Here is what you got? Unbeknown to me...
 jimmieanna love would like you to join Jimmieanna Family
> family site on Famiva!
> You are already a member of Famiva service (thank you!) but
> you are not part of Jimmieanna Family site. Joining multiple
> Famiva sites is a great way to extend your network. You can
> enjoy all the benefits of all sites while keeping the
> privacy of each!
> Accept the invitation and help Jimmieanna Family build and
> extend their family! Click on the link below or copy and
> paste it in your browser to join them:

How this started?

I found from doing a google that Famiva was saying that Sampa users could “import their entire site over to Famiva, with no hassels” well, that did not happen for me, and I am still not on that site. Each time I would try to import my Sampa contents, Famiva’s program would say (in the middle of the import) that an error had occured. That happened to me 8 times and that is what caused you to keep getting invites. The ONLY thing that was actually importing to Famiva was your email address and that caused Famiva’s site immediated generate an invite to you? I am suspicious in that, of all the things that I feel were important to get right; my documents, my photos, my links, the least important was my contact list, gosh asking you to join before I even figured out if I liked their layout was very inappropriate in my view, and matter of fact…I don’t like their site at all and decided not to use it. It hasn’t got any of the important  features that I would like and seems to be a good fit.

I sooo apologize for the way Famiva spammed everyone. I wasn’t getting anything from them.  If Scott Bryson had not emailed me and ask me if I was the one sending him all the email from Famiva, I wouldn’t have even known about it all, that sort of tells me they were being sneaky. I am sure they would have a more professional explanation to all of this, but sometimes isn’t it better to “ask forgiveness, than ask permission?”

Well enough of all of that. I am excited to be here, and WordPress won’t be sending you any emails regarding my presence here, and it won’t send you emails telling you I have written anything here either. In a way that is sad to me, cause I sure wouldn’t do that on my own, a tad over the top in my own view. Heck it was a long time before I even figured out that you all were actually getting emails telling you I had written on here, and I would wonder how anyone was finding my site at all?  seriously.


Also, Aubrey….here is picture that I thought you might enjoy looking at, it was taken when I went to Dallas to visit Rex and we visited the

I thought you might like these beautiful shady spots. And we certainly needed some shade it was so hot that morning, by 10:00 am we were already panting and sweating something awful.

IMG_3163So then I said, “Rex, stand over there under that nice shady arbor and we will send this to Aubrey. I bet he would like picture of  you in it.” So here Aubrey.  Rex smiling back at you!


This photo was taken in Dallas also, it was a pretty cool house in an older part of Dallas, it is a glass house and it has a beautiful view of the cities skyline.


This picture above was taken standing across the street from the glass house, so you can see a good reason to have all of those windows added to your home with this scenic view.

Have a great day!


2 thoughts on “Greetings and Salutations ;)

  1. Thanks for the picture. My brain is so permanently baked that I feel cooler just looking at those greenshade structures. Rex make it just right.

  2. Hi,

    We want to formally apologize for the inconvenience with the email invites. Since Sampa offered no guidance for import development, we had to make many assumptions about how the different Sampa sites were setup. This led to errors when our assumptions didn’t work for a particular site. Admittedly, it took us a two days to realize the email flooding side-effect of our import, which we correctly as fast as we could.

    I hope you and your family found a good place to connect online.

    Zak Mandhro
    Famiva, LLC

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