Full Filled and in AWE

I received an email from the House Manager yesterday:

“Dear Jimmie,
I’m buying some pizza tonight for a last dinner with all the house girls, and we would love it if you could join us.  We’re going to eat at 6:00, so please come join us for pizza and baked goods for one of the last times we’ll all be together!  Hope to see you tonight!

The girls are studying pretty hard for test right now, finals are in progress, the last day to live in the house is May 8th, and a few have asked permission to be here until May 17, that is graduation at UVA. However, the note from Katy, sounded like a nice thing for me to do. I was surprised that they asked me to join them, but this group of girls are so pleasant and fun to be around, that I wanted to join in. What I did not know was, the get together was a surprise party to say goodbye to me….

I am not sure why I did not cry, maybe because I suddenly felt so included. Not that I need to be or even desire to be part of all of their activities, but tonight was special for me also, I wanted to share a few things with them, and thereby let them know how special they had been to me. Knowing that they had planned this little surprise, gave me a relief, that I would be able to give back to them. I had already planned on taking pictures of them tonight, I was armed with two cameras.

Here is the first group shot..

See those bright smiling faces? That is what I have been looking at all year. (seriously) That is why this year has been so awesome. Maybe the most peaceful and pleasant year of my entire life. It has been a mix of work, monasticism (used loosly) and spiritural development, while still living in the real world. I have never experienced such serenity in my life EVER!!! So the ultimate for me last evening was their farewell to me.

I remember back I living in Missouri and then the move back to Arkansas, I was so confused about what to do with my life. I needed to work (had to work) to pay bills, and survive, but I was finding it so perpexling. Nothing I tried worked, and all I was getting was a resume that was increasing in length. This job was my path. It has opened up to a life I never dreamed possible to me. Sure I have made more money, had greater social adventure, and much more square feet to live in, but never have I found something that meant so much and asked so little. What I do, I love to do. That is complete and utter joy.

Racheal Stein from New York, she is going to law school, I want to keep her number handy (grinning).  With her on rt, one of the girls who will be here next year.

Paige Backenstose,  from Minnisota (eating Ice Cream) she runs about 10 miles @ 3 or 4 times a week, she can afford to eat ice cream.

Jennifer Newsome and Jennifer Spurgeon…JN is from VA and JS is from Houston, TX. 

Paige is an honor student here at UVA, very bright young woman, she is a marathon runner, she is from Minnisota. She is also into organic foods, and she is how I found out where to buy my cow from.

Lf to Rt…Kira Busch the harpest, Stewart Black, beautiful bonde with the sweetest personality, Laura Hobeika, from Virgina and going to do something in medical field and Katy Steinbrcher, the current House Manager. She is from California. She also lived in Italy last semester.

Bryce and Lauren, Bryce Dickey is from Greenland VA, she is going to be nurse, and she will be awesome!  Lauren Garner is from Richmond VA. Both are as sweet as candy. Really. They have always been so kind and sweet to me.

Ruthie Eisenberg is in the glasses and Jessica Mino on her left. Ruthie arrived here mid term, as she was overseas in the study program, she came up and asked if she could “knock on my door and visit me next year” I have to do something to allow my door to be open more often. Jessica is from VA and such a sweet and smart one. Gosh they are all smart.

We have a total of 18 in the house, a few were not here, but the majority were, and I had such a nice time.

They also gave a gift this year and I am still in shock. They gave me a full day at the Boars Head Inn Spa (click to check it out) wowsers!

Some people told me, life began at 40, some told me 50. I guess for me my life, with all of the ups and downs is sliding in at just under 60.

Don’t give up before the miracle happens!

And don’t get attached, that is what brings misery.

There is a quote from todays Abraham Hicks that is relevant to my blog today…

Most people don’t think that new-born children could be the Creator of their own reality because they are not even talking yet. But the Universe is not responding to your language, anyway. The Universe is responding to your vibration — and your vibration is about the way you feel.”

I feel blessed and full filled!!

Have fun!


One thought on “Full Filled and in AWE

  1. Man Jimmie, what a great gift! You will love it. Just remember to totally relax and take it all in. You may be saving your money for another day at the spa after you experience this one! it’s so nice to be pampered and feel like Cleopatra for the day. Love ya, Lydia

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