by rumi….and other thoughts


‘If you don’t plow the earth, it’s going to get so hard nothing grows in it. You just plow the earth of yourself. You just get moving. And even don’t ask exactly what’s going to happen. You allow yourself to move around, and then you will see the benefit” rumi


Moving is not really hard to do, we have to breath to stay alive, so we are always moving, breathing in and breathing out. But there is more, there is so much more. I wake up each morning with Peaches staring me in the eye. Her little world is so simple. You get up in the morning and you go outside. Or that is her request and I honor that. So, very soon after I have made that first “move”, the one she is watching for,she greets me at the bed, standing waiting for me put here halter on. Then she bounces around, always pointing toward the door, as if this morning when I drag out of bed, I will be dressed and ready to go outside, just like she is….unfortunately, I move rather slow. But, within anywhere from 5 to 7 minutes we are headin out the door.


We drive to the downtown city park, Robert E Lee Park, she likes that one. Springtime has been kind to us, and the green grass had just been mowed today.


This is the entrance we take to begin our walk in the park.


This beautiful tree just filled its branches with this lovely plush cover, just this week. It burst out like a fountain. What a show it made.


As I round the corner, the Irises are beginning to bloom, still some of the tulips are holding on. Every direction you look, you see the brilliant textures and delicate blossoms blending and moving.


Rumi spoke of “moving” in such a way to really gain my attention, analogy’s that use plowing the land, to explain a concept, makes total sense to me. Peaches and I move, we walk this beautiful garden almost every day. It is heaven, and I don’t fully get that. I do, but then, I forget. I am moving.


So peaceful, so amazing! But even the flowers moving.


As we move through the city square, we see others moving, and sometimes they are tired and don’t want to move anymore. They just lay down.


Sometimes we pass Tuck jr, today he has a piece of chicken skin, of all things. He is trying not to move, he wants to keep that spot, and chew on his dandy bounty.


Today I noticed the pretty tulips lying on the ground, their sweet bloom still intact, but seem to be saying, “we are tired, time to stop moving”.


We pass others moving down the sidewalk, he is moving slow, and he is interested in Peaches, but we all keep moving. “Hi there big fellow!” we say.


As we begin to head back to the car, we pass another familiar mover. She has her hands full, four dogs and her, moving on down the street.

That is our morning walk, thank you for joining us.

final words by rumi

“out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there.”

have fun!


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