Amazing work and most inviting



I finally got this photograph. I am lovin it! This is the second year that I have lived in C’ville, and the second year that I have been able to drive by this work of wonder, several times a week, I might add. Isn’t this cool?

one more


This one is  a few feet forward and had the steps showing where their entrance is located. Now the deal to getting this picture is quiet a feat in itself, because this street happens to run up toward UVA, and it is a VERY BUSY STREET. I mean, it is always full of cars, bikes, joggers, and there is no curve to pull off on. The street has some older beautiful homes, and the yards have six foot and above walls that create the privacy one would need,living on a busy street as this. I also live on a busy street, but we have nothing like the traffic that goes on this one.

Anyway, I have passed it several times and wanted to find a place to pull over and park, but that is not easy, especially during the daylight hours. Finally tonight, the town is resting, they had the semi annual races here Sat, called Foxfield (read the article linked) that seems to be causing lots of hangovers and much needed rest by many. The streets are empty, kindof 😉

As I passed by this evening, I thought, “gosh if I don’t get this picture tonight, I won’t get another chance, the azelias are starting to fade” so I pulled over about a block down the road, and the sign said “No Parking – Tow Away” and I thought about taking my chance, but then my luck, I just didn’t think a ticket would be worth the picture. So I drove around another block and circled back by coming the opposite direction, and slowed down in the road, and began snapping. Just as I was doing that, I saw this young man walking down the driveway, and he was smiling at me, he knew what I was doing, and of course, he knew that the pictures I was getting would be wonderful.

(updated Monday morning)

I decided to drive by this house one more time, I knew that traffic would be less than agreeable, but I took my chances.


You can see the shade more than the flowers, but these photos are extremely hard to capture.

Now this one isn’t very clear, matter of fact cars were lining up behind me,and I was forced to move on, but this one does show a little more, I feel, that height of this wall of flowers. It really is cool.

(humor) Here are the cars lining up behind me, it is work hour drive time, I am pretty sure that they were not happy with me.

It is a pretty town this time of year, it gives me great joy to drive about and view the scenery. There is also that party element that is happening also. This town rocks at night, so hard to explain. Kind of the yen and yang.

I call this “Alone”

I recall a dream that I had last night. I dreamed that I discovered that my Soul had experience life over 50 times. I asked in my dream, if I had experienced life that many times, why was I still learning such simple lessons. My answer was, you have advanced incredibly, for now you are aware that you have had this many lives. In my dream, that made me smile!



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