Too Simple to BE

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To day….I have friends that are caught in the whirls of the world.

Each of those friends are facing the reality of life. One is looking at her future, and asking what now Lord? Which way do I go?

The other friend is hanging on for dear life. He is hooked to a ventilator for breath, a dialysis machine to clear toxins from his body, and back and forth from OR to ICU.

Both are facing life’s challenges, and each has worry.

I receive a Mediatation from a very kind man each week. He shares his love of humanity in a way that is incredible to me, for never does he try to sell anything, he gives away his understanding of life. He helps me.

I too want to share his Meditation here today…

Chet Day presents
EarthLeaves Meditations
More Musings on Letting Go for Peace of Mind
April 13, 2009

Dear Jimmie:

I have a little something different for you today
for this week's meditation. Some good advice for
living from Lin Yutang, a Chinese inventor,
writer, and translator who died in 1976:

Besides the noble art of getting things
done, there is the noble art of leaving
things undone. The wisdom of life
consists in the elimination of

This coming week for at least five minutes every
day, do something to eliminate many of the
nonessentials in your life and leave some things
undone that you think you need to "fix."

You're maybe asking, "What are the nonessentials
in your life?"

A nonessential in your life is anything that's
causing you pain, making you worry, helping you
lose sleep, cluttering up your home, office, or
sense of order and well-being.

Take a few minutes right now... right now, not
later, damn it... and jot down on a piece of paper
a quick list of the nonessentials in your life and
the things you feel like you "have" to do or fix.

Now, for the next seven days, several times a day
eliminate one nonessential in your life from your
list. Leave some things undone, too.

IF you do this exercise every day this coming
week, you'll be amazed at the new person smiling
back at you in the bathroom mirror every morning.


Until next time,


Chet Day

Editor, EarthLeaves Meditations


Today, I want to honor those who may be suffering, and I want to say that I make prayers for their speedy end to that suffering.

I want to offer up these wishes by the only method that I have and that is to give it God.

We are not ask to carry the cross, it has been taken from us, and we are only ask to follow
the teaching of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Last I want to share a few whimsical photos that give me joy.




love and peace,


2 thoughts on “Too Simple to BE

  1. I made my list! I will keep focused so I can smile brighter each day.
    I need the clutter out of my life.
    Thanks for your inspiration!
    I have already decided that tomorrow I will begin a 30 minute daily walk! I intend to write it down and keep it going. Ask me how I am doing and remind me of my committment. Thanks.

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