“Are you eligible for the Sr discount?”

…..he asked, as I stood in line yesterday waiting to purchase my little springtime herbs. My mind froze, was he asking me this absurd question because he somehow was  able to intuit I had been trying to figure out the layout of the  * Obvious Rug that he was so proudly sporting. For that gray thing on his head, was certainly not UN Noticeable, it screamed,  toupee, rug, hairpiece….no way to even harbor the least bit of doubt; he was wearing a bad hairpiece. So when he asked me “are you eligible for the sr citizen discount?” I figured I deserved it.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love it that I am able to admit my age, seems I recently blogged about just this topic. No really, I don’t mind looking my age (sort of) but he got me, and what did I answer back? Well at first I didn’t know what that store’s, “SR Citizen” age policy was, there are several. Some Sr Citizen ages are the AARP age of 50. Then there is another epic age of 55 (which was his answer to me), then there is the one that social security goes by and that is 63 (i think) that one is qualified to draw social security benefits. Of course, the age one draws SS can be later, if you want to work longer and be able to draw a  larger amount later. I am not sure but that may be up to the person who is making the decision to wait. At any rate, my first answer was “no I don’t qualify”, which to that he paused, looking me squarely in the eye, as if I was about to be written a ticket by the sr citizen “truth police”. He stared hard and goes, “now I don’t mean to insult you, but if you are over 55 you will get a 10% discount, are you sure [you’re not]?”  I looked around to see who was listening, for certainly there were others waiting with bated breath to see if was going to fess up. The woman waiting behind me smiling at me, as I drew my breath and answered, “oh! 55? Well of course I qualify” I answered in an almost whispered tone. He grinned and looked around the store, as if he had qualified for a little bonus. The woman standing next to me, looking at me and going “you don’t look like a sr citizen” as if that would make me feel better.

I am pretty sure that I got 50 cents off the ticket for the honest answer. Not bad I ‘d say in a reeling economy.

58 = 50cents.

All In A Days Honesty!

His bad toupee was what brought this on, I just could not stop staring at it. Maybe he looked younger in that thing, who knows? grinning

*(the worst rug category has to go to The Donald, with all of his money, and that hairpiece is just so bad)


2 thoughts on ““Are you eligible for the Sr discount?”

  1. great story, Jimmie. When I was a kid we said that people like him “got dropped on his head when he was a baby. ……..Aubrey

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