Up on the Mountain: to meet me…..

Sitting In The Clouds
up on the mountain

I was back up on the mountain recently, and I decided to drive back to the spot where I took this (above) photo, which I took, while sitting inside the clouds.

Below you can see what this view looks like if not covered in clouds. It was a pretty day and the view was nice.



Yesterday was the annual initiation here at my Pi Phi home in VA. It is a day for me to vacate the house by 7:30 am and be gone for the day. Yesterday I chose to make that day one of a spiritual nature and go up to the mountain. It has been very foggy and “overcast” the last few days but it usually burns off by mid morning. However that only pertains to the lower altitudes (as I discovered later). Once I got up on the mountain, I realized that the “burning off” is for lower altitudes. I arrived in hopes of watching the clouds move across the mountain tops in the distance and photograph that view. However, the clouds surrounded me the entire morning. Thankfully, I had a new book to read, and of course I had Peaches with me. The first thing we did after we got to the first lookout point was get out and walk. The drive up the  mountain was pretty scary. I wasn’t worried about driving off the mountain, my fear was more of wildlife standing in the road. For that reason I drove very slow. Visibility about was very limited.


This photo is what the mountain view looked like when we got there. The other tree at the top. my camera pointing out over the lookout and of course the visibility was nil. That view never changed the entire 4 hours we spent up there.

Peaches and I walked a little way, but as I said, we were in the clouds and unable to see much out around us. I had never stopped at this particular lookout before, I usually go higher as I want to get a good view from the mountain. The elevation climbs gradually and I only drove into the park a few miles as I was not sure how bad the visibility was going to get. Not only that, but storms were forecast that day and I really did not want to drive out [of the park] in a storm. As we walked around this area, I walked over to this little information guide, one that I had never read before, and it warns “to not feed the bears” and I thought hmmm, bears? a cute little plump cute dog like Peaches…..


would sure make a good morning snack for a hungry bear…(imaginations run wild alone on the mountain) so we did not go far.


MILE 104.6, ROCKFISH GAP ENTRANCE STATION. Elevation 2,070 feet. You can get information here, and help if you need it. The station may be unmanned at night and in the winter.

This photo above, I am parked at the Rockfish Gap Station, but I took this photo around noon, on my way out of the park. You can imagine what it was like at 8:00 am that morning.

My time up on the mountain is always peaceful and yet there is an air of adventure of being so alone and exploring that vast wilderness. I am grateful for that time that I take for myself. I am grateful for the joy that I get from taking the photos. Once again, as I say often, the photos give me a chance to remember to stay in the moment.

Here is what I stopped and took pictures of when I came down from the mountain.

Lookout on i-64


and this one…


Skyline Drive begins at the intersection with US Route 340 just south of Front Royal, Virginia, elevation around 500 feet. Over the next 100 miles, you’ll climb to almost 3,500 feet several times.

I also drove over to Staunton VA yesterday, here are a couple of photos that I took. The first is a church downtown, and I thought the roof was very pretty.


This next photo is just a old house that I was able to photo while sitting at a stop light.


The little town of Staunton VA is very old, and I want to go back when the weather is not so cold and rainy, for in order to fully explore their scenery, one must get out and walk.

Last here is one of Charlottesvilles city park photos that I took the other morning when the fog was still hanging around….


I am looking forward to Springtime, but this does add a bit of variety to photos, views and even for some feelings.


Like Crescentdragonwagon said in a recent blog:

“…. life is one change after another (why do we continue to cling to the illusion that someday it’s going to settle down?)…..”

yep! I say….and that is why I end with …..

Have Fun!


3 thoughts on “Up on the Mountain: to meet me…..

  1. Hi Jimmie: Your blog reminded me of a few things in our life i.e. The day we drove up to Mt Wilhelmina on a nice sunny day but the top of the Mt was covered with clouds.
    I’m sure we both still cary scars from that day when we ran into that downed tree and totaled your dad’s car.
    Love; Uncle Dildy

  2. Hi Jimmie,
    Your blog helped “picture me there” too! I so remember my meanderings around VA last year and the day you, Peaches and I went up to the mountain. The trip down is the most memorable for me with me clutching the steering wheel! The fog makes for an eerie site; you are brave going alone. Glad you did not see any bears!
    Yesterday I drove to Paducah KY about 60 miles south of here. As I got close to the river, I noticed the trees along the road had been broken off severely. A few years ago I remember a wind storm that ripped the trees, so I was wondering when this happened. As I went on for miles, even crossing the Ohio River, I noticed that the trees were still so damaged– then it finally hit me that this must have been a result from the ice storm we had in Februray just after you left Marion. How sad to see the trees. When all the leaves appear, it may look a little better. Now it looks like many trees won’t make it.
    I had intended to go downtown Paducah to the river and sit down a while and have some time to meditate. It however got interrupted with a stop I made that changed the course of my day–
    a fabric store. I did my thinking over which fabrics I liked together, so I left there in a better frame of mind than when I got there.
    I enjoyed your blog–makes me want to be back in VA and do more exploring.

  3. Thanks both of you for the comments.
    Uncle Dildy, How could I ever forget that day? It was one for the memory bank for sure. I still don’t think I have ever seen that view at Queen Wilamena State Park Lodge. They had some bad storms (tornado last week, killed 3 people and lots of homes destroyed). Pretty nasty weather systems through that part of Arkansas.
    Jan, Thanks for your comments, it makes me feel good when I know you are getting good feelings reading my blog, and looking at the pictures.
    Gratefully, jimmie

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