Lessons on UCS

A comment on UCS today (march 26, 2009)

Morning S’ace and Jane,

All on UCS,

I walked this morning (part of my every day routine) and that is a great time for me to get in touch with my inner thoughts. As I was out this morning pondering this life I live, I recollected back to a time when my life was full of *things* that gave me little pleasure. I had lots of *things* and still felt restless and dis content. So much that I valued little, including me. If I could have bought my way to happiness, I really would have. So what happened? I threw it all away. I did not do that freely, all that stuff went away in increments and the more I lost, the more I felt pain. But  with each painful loss, the real me began to emerge. For that was the true impetus to my freedom. Having lost almost  everything, that to me at one really mattered, I began to understand and listen to my inner being. The one who had been hiding away for so long.

My own economic turning point?

simple, simple, simple. Serenity and Calm Mind. Prayer, Meditation, Non Judgment and humility. None of which come THAT easy, but goals that I try to ask God to help me with each day. The riches that I enjoy today are truly JOY. I read in a reading today from Abraham-Hicks Pub. that said “Struggle and joy are not on the same channel. You joy your way to joy.” I am rich today with infinite fortunes of joy and simplicity.

Here are some of my teachers…..

Peaches – who teaches me to stop and smell the leaves and grass

Photos like that to remind me to also “look up”

and skys like this that remind me that nothing stays the same….


Jane made a reply to this thread on UCS, and here are some of her thoughts, which I truly value.

“The term economics comes from the Ancient Greek (oikonomia), which means: management of a household.”

“The definition of “happiness” is a state of well-being and contentment. The “well-being” component carries an external dimension whereas “contentment” holds more of an internal component. The distinctive characteristic of happiness is: a feeling of inner joy, peace of mind.”

“I am not speaking of “owning” or having or even wanting lots of “things”. Though I don’t believe there is anything wrong with wealth. It’s our “attachment” to “things” where we run the risk of dire disappointment.”


I very much agree with most of what Jane is saying, however I am not so sure of here assessments of “right and wrong”. That would imply judgment, and who is to say that “living under a bridge” for some may be a very important path to growth? just saying…..

For me, this little clip on non-judgement helped so much!

When you make a judgment you make a decision that the way things are is not the way things need to be. Your judgment reflects your belief in right and wrong based on what you may or may not know. Your judgment reveals your attitude of superiority that says you have the right to determine what must be done, how it must be done and who must do it. Your judgment shows that you resist accepting things the way they are. A judgment is a means of control. It is an attempt to get people to do what you need and want them to do in order to feel better about yourself. A judgment is a sign of fear. It is the foundation of discontent. Most important of all, judgment is the way you set yourself up to be judged by others.(unquote)

The only person I need to be judging is me, and that is done by trying very hard to ask myself “what are my motives?” If my motives are self-serving, or are they trying to help others, (who will never know that I did anything to help them, btw)

The SEVEN DEADLY SINS — lust, envy, gluttony, sloth, greed, anger and pride — have had an enormous impact on the moral compass of the modern world.

again….just saying…….


One thought on “Lessons on UCS

  1. I wish you would come to my house and help me free myself of so many possessions. i’m afraid i’m going to be accused of being a pack rat before long. i’ve lived in my house for almost 17 years – the longest i’ve ever lived anywhere in my entire life and you just accumulate stuff when you stay put for such a long time. if i sold my house, i know i could scale down but it’s so difficult under these circumstances. Let me know if you want to take me up on it! cousin Lydia

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