Friendship & Carrying Pain (s)

From Fr Sean Caulfield’s book Under the broom tree

“There was a sadness on the hills. Low gray clouds clung to them and rain fell most of the time. We went up the draw through trees which were stripped of leaves, sloshing along in mud and water, our heads down because of the rain. We talked a lot, but there was no breakthrough in my thinking. I had thought that on Christmas day God would do or say something, or give me some sort of sign. I tried to explain to Nick something of what transition is, the feeling of being uprooted, of being in an alien culture, one’s feeling in disharmony with reason, the disrupted relationship, the absence of meaningful to do. He did not reply, as he might very well have done, that what I was experiencing was no big deal. Instead he told me how much he himself felt caught up into what was going on inside me. That, I think, was God’s gift to me. What more could one ask of a friend?”


Good morning.



Today is Sunday, the throbbing, painful soreness of my right thumb joint is starting to subside. I finally figured out last night it must be a uric acid level issue in that joint. I drove to the store and bought a can of organic pitted cherries that are presented in the juice of a pear. Yummy!

For cherries will make my uric acid level go down, and the joint pain will lessen, it is already working.


 Well, Peaches got up last Sunday evening and could not walk on her back leg. She was holding it up and barely able to go outside and use the bathroom. It was causing her enormous pain. I became extreme troubled. I watched her hobble along, struggling with each move as she was trying to make headway, and I was dying inside.  For when your companion, your friend is unable to move comfortably, you feel that same pain. I prayed over her that evening, I ask God to take her pain away and give it to me. I did not realize immediately where my recent bout with this joint pain came from, until about two nites ago, and I realized that I had taken the pain from her, and was carrying it inside me.

btw, I took her to the vet the next day, and she does have some hip/joint issues, but she was walking better Monday, and since then…..she has recovered nicely.

I wondered about my throbbing joint, I ask myself, from wence did this mysterious bout come from so suddenly?  Have I done what Fr. Caulfield mentions in this line “Instead he [Nick] told me how much he himself felt caught up into what was going on inside me.”

Was I so “caught up” in Peaches pain, that I was able to absorb her pain? I know I have pain in this joint, and she is seeming to be pain free. I am grateful for that. More than anyone can know, for I can treat my pain, I can understand my pain, I can function with my pain. But if Peaches is in pain, I am left with few options. I would rather have the pain, then see her in pain. I am grateful for the pain. I am comforted. I am at ease!

I listen to Eckhart Tolle often, one of his comments relating to problems in life made so much sense to me. He said [that] we don’t have problems in life, we have challenges, and that what we must do is figure out ways to meet those challenges, and that if we cannot find ways to meet the challenge, then we put it on the back burner (so to speak) and stay in the moment. I think that is what I try to do. I did what I knew to do about my pain, I don’t mind dealing with this challenge, much easier for me to deal with this, than to be trying to cope with figuring out what is wrong with Peaches.  I am grateful~


I want to add, that I pick up books and open the page at random and what ever that page is, there is where I get my “thought for the day”.  Today, the thought is on friendship. When someone we know is having a hard time in life, maybe the very best thing we can do for them is to let them know that we care about their challenge, we don’t have to fix it for them, just be there for them. Somehow that exchange will open the door to greater comfort, than trying come up with grand solutions. Just BE. That IS.


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