Humor, Harmony, More Thoughts

This morning (03-12-09) a nice thing happened to me in the city park, as I walked along, I looked up and noticed the cutest little squirrel, squirreled away in his own little perch. I make a habit of always keeping my camera handy, just for the sake of catching an opportunity like this. See him up there? Doesn’t that make you smile? Did/does me…..

If that squirrel had his camera, I think he would have been taking a picture of me also. Little small things, such as this, start my day off with such joy.

Fr Caulfield lived in a hermitage for two years. One of his friends that he writes about during that time was a little squirrel he named Tuck. When Fr Caulfield wrote about Harmony, here is some of what he shared about Tuck.

“I was beginning to realize that that the broken reed and smoking flax had also their right to exist in the world. So when Tuck, my friendly squirrel, climbed up on my shoulder and sometimes sat on the top of my head I let him have his way. Together we would sit there motionless looking down the valley. Terribly unhygienic –perhaps he was the carrier of various diseases– and quite silly also. But I did not care much because my space was becoming his space also, and ultimately the space of other people who would enter my life.” Harmony~

I was busy looking up and snapping photo after photo of this little guy, it was fun. As I walked away, I turned once more to see if he was still there, and he was still watching me

Then I turned and looked around, lying on the ground next to the tree that Tuck jr was sitting in, was someone else “sharing space” in harmony with nature….

Springtime brings several new additions to the park here in C’ville. It was in the low 30’s here last evening, it must have been cold for him. The park that we go to (many morning) is small, it is next door to the main downtown library, and another block over is the downtown walking mall. It is not unusual to see homeless folks sleeping here when the weather gets warmer.

There are trees beginning to bloom, one of my favorites just blossomed this week….

I love this tree….what is it?

I would like to add some more of Fr Caulifields “To Do’s”  regarding awareness…

(from his book The Experience of Praying)

Be present to a person. Be aware of that person’s history, struggles, successes. Be present to the uniqueness. Be conscious  of the struggle of the whole human family, the struggle to be free, the upward movement of the spirit that resulted in art, literature, music, architechture, philosophy, law and love. Be present to God calling forth that spirit, orginating love.

Sit still, eyes closed.

Relax all your muscles, not directly, but by imagining what it feels like when they are relaxed. If this fails, tighten up your muscles one by one and then relax them.

Be quiet. Focus deep within yourself as when you are deep in thought. Go down into that inner room.

Drop all ideas, fantasies, and symbols.

Come into God’s presence without trying to objectify it.

Uncover an inner harmony, a sence of transcendence, a calm, a waiting in silience for nothing to happen. Hold…..Harmony…..Refreshed……



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