Awareness Harmony Other

Father Caulifield says; “Harmony allows others to be others. It even allows God to be God without his having to spell it all out for us. Being aware of what is “other”, being present with one’s spirit to it without wanting to possess it reveals our spirit to ourselves and God to ourselves.”

He goes further to offer a “What to do”, which follows…..

There are two approaches, one direct, the other indirect.

1. Expand your awareness directly. Look about you. See the color of things.

Make a point of looking carefully at the areas you might be inclined to overlook. Everything has color. Be present wih the whole of your being to the color of things and their various shades.

Now observe the shape of things. Look for lines and perspectives and the harmony of their togetherness.

If you had to draw the room in which you sit, how would you go about it?

Listen to sounds. Identify all the varous sounds you hear. Observe how they intermingle. Can you put them together into harmony, counterpoint, music?

Be aware of texture of things.

(Imagine Peaches barking…..the deer are responding to [her] sounds.) my insert.

Now put all together, color, shape, dimensions, textures, sounds, and feel present to the whole, feel what it means to be fully alive.”


I was able to drive up to the Shenandoah National Parkway and take these photos on Monday. The sunset was blazing, not many clouds in the way. I had a difficult time just getting the sunset, it was so full and bright, it burned my eyes. I still got some beautiful pictures. On my way back down the mountain, I saw the Virginia White Tail deer out grazing along the side of the road. It was fully energizing to be able to get close enough to snap a few photos. The moon was already in view.

and when I zoomed closer…

Ah well……not much more that a white dot in the blue sky from the limited ability I possess[to record it]. But trust me, it was exhilarating; the sunset, the moon shining large in the blue sky, and the beautiful shy deer grazing along the road.

I did feel fully alive. Simple as all of this is, I am well aware of many blessings. I am most grateful for them all.

(more to come regarding Fr Caulifields inspiring “to do’s”


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