Beautiful. Playful. Grateful.

UVA Rotunda 03-04-09

Sean Caulifield has been one of my spiritual guides since 2000. I ran across one of his books when I lived in Fayetteville, AR. I bought that first book at a thrift store in Fayetteville for 10 cents. It was 10 cents that would change my life. I have read all of his books, (5) I have given away more of them to friends and family than I can count. I find ANY time that I am needing a spiritual boost, if I will allow myself to revisit him that I will feel better.Today, I opened his book called The Experience of Praying I went to the chapter on Play. It opens up and begins like this:

“Recreation differs from entertainment. People need to relax. They say, “I need to be left alone. I want to get away from it all.” But when left alone they find themselves restless, the mind and imagination racing. What they need is beauty. Beauty is to the mind  what food and drink are to the body. Beauty sets reasoning to rest. We do not reason about beauty. We drink it in intuitively. It is not the end result of a process of logic. Let us take as an example our reaction to a beautiful sunset.

C’ville 03-07-09

There is no discussion –so much blue over there, so much red and purple here. We gaze on the sunset with wonder, contemplating it with a growing inner silence. The result is a sense of restfulness, a sense of being lifted up above the petty things of everyday living. We begin to say, “I wonder why we have to be so petty, so competitive, so defensive?” The mind is rested. We feel strong again, at peace, able to face another week, able to live with a less than ideal situation. People do all sort of things all the time with out reflection. Society has to have its measure of contemplation or contemplatives to keep it from going mad. WE need ALL the BEAUTY we can get. It re-creates us. Contemplation is rest.”

For me to just sit and type his words, mulling over them and allowing them to fully enter my physic, is so helpful. I hope that is resonate with those of you may pass this way. I know we all have challenges, we all get that horrible tightness across our shoulders, then we try our best to brush it off and go on.

Take a few moments to look around and find that beauty. It may be in the eyes of loved one, who is in pain, it maybe in the flowers that are budding today, it maybe in the sounds of birds singing above, it maybe your heart Flowing with LOVE~Where ever you look, where ever you go, remember that Beauty is ours to BE HOLD.


Campus UVA 03-03-09

I am standing in basically the same spot as above one week later(03-09-09).

Nothing stays the same!

Saffron growing in our front yard…..


One thought on “Beautiful. Playful. Grateful.

  1. I can see where those little purple flowers are looking up at you and smiling very big for you….I can remember times like that and interactions like that with those little creatures…they are too much aren’t they…the beautiful words and beautiful pictures on this page have reminded me…………….the path I am going to get back on…Thank you and very happy to see where you are and where you are going….Kay

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