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I am going to admit something, I need to get this off my chest. I am a member of AARP, there, now I have said it. I am finally over this age issue. I am finally embrasing my entire being, and not bound by any concerns regarding that age thing. For years I lied about my age, I don’t think that I was ever 46 thru 50. I was those ages, but during that period of my life, I was scaling back those numbers, It got to be so cumbersome. I would fill out a form, and have to add/subtract/multiply numbers in order to maintain this unfortuante facade of denying my true age.

hmmmm? This photo? I think I was about 51 or 52, I can remember that top. Hays and Joanna were probably 11 and 12. So that would be about right for my age also. I think i was finally beginning to get real about my age by then. (I was looking for a photo of the years that I am referencing in this blog, can’t locate any)

Strange times for me back in the last years of my late 40’s. I was going through a lot of unhappy times. I divorced my 3rd (and last) husband, lost my business, had to figure out a way to support myself, and hitting 50.

I remember all of those times as extremely strained. I dated guy 17 years younger than I was, what a tragic relationship that was. Thank goodness, that is all behind me, and the age issue is also.

I am not so bound to my age, my job, my location, my life is much more free today. I am truly able to let go of things that used to be so important. I can find peaceful moments in life today. I still have challenges, but not the hardships I once did. I have found a humbleness in my existence that allows me to just BE.

I am a member of AARP online community. I even have put a blog on that site. I joined the “Singles Group” just for grins there today. Of course I may “unjoin” tomorrow, and no one will care. Knowing that is freedom.

Janice Joplin sang a song  “Me and Bobby McGee”  written by Kris Kristofferson, a line in that song… “Freedom just another word for nothing left to loose.” He was a smart guy that KK, I think he was a Rhodes Scolar himself. I like the words he wrote, I like my life today.

It snowed here last night, I am feeling the freshness in my head that white landscape provides.

Daffodils getting ready to bloom, Peaches patiently waiting on me to take pictures, Life does not wait for any of this, it just is. moment to moment.

no more worrying about my age, my life is good today.

have fun!


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