Windows and More (02-22-09)

Windows (continued Sunday Feb 22,2009)

Over the last 3 years, I have amassed a pretty substantial collection of photos. Many (or most) are scenic/nature style pictures. Maybe that is the way this sort of thing begins; first pictures of scenery, then one graduates on to human forms. I know that I am much more comfortable taking pictures of nature.

One other area that seems to draw my attention, is shooting pictures of windows. I recently noticed that I gravitate toward that and really it isn’t even thought out, just see it and shoot it.

Lately I have been rather stuck; unable to blog. However, I really like putting my pictures here, so I decided to simplify my blogging, and just put some pictures of Windows that I have collected. This site is free, so I think it says I can upload 8 pictures a day. Tonight I start with the first 8 I found. I will see where this leads….

Taking a tour downtown on the Mall is what Peaches and I “in” Joy on Sunday mornings. There is very little foot traffic down there, so serene….. Here a few of the photos that I liked from our walk today…

There is lots of construction going on here at the Mall, they are replacing the brick walk all through out the walk.

Shop Windows on the Mall

I have read that the brain does not know the difference between what it sees and what it remembers.

I have heard it said, that when I can maintain *Presence* fully, that I can be totally empowered with that inner quiet Voice that directs us to freedom. Call it conscious, higher self, Holy Spirit, but the main thing is allow that awareness to come through.

For me, snapping photos will bring me into the moment, I am fully engaged in the process, and I get such inner joy and peace during my outings. I also find, that sharing my photos here gives me another kind of peace, maybe it’s because I am sharing in my creative process. I try not to analyze it too much.

…T.O. Wilson, poet and friend, shares some of his writings with me, I find that reading his art resonates in ways beyond my comprehension, again, I try not to analyze too much, but possibly growing up and sitting in class with him for 12 years makes a mark, also we shared commonality, we always got voted the Most Wittiest, today I find that so interesting. Anyway, he recently sent me a new copy of his recent poems, and  he told me I can share his poems. I like this one…..

i think it didn’t matter much
if we were a dream or a cloud or a small fish inside the sea.
i don’t think it was that important
whether we were the birds or the flowers
or some sand on the beach.
i do think it was important that we saw life
with the eyes of children. no matter how old we were.
because that was the only way to truly see the colors
and without the colors
we simply could not see the sea
t.o. wilson – inside the rain

I want to always see the world with the eyes of a child…..

Also, Today is Lydia’s Birthday, and doesn’t she look great!

Happy Birthday Cousin!!!!

Downtown Charlottesville, McGuffey Art Center , during December they hosted events which showcased the local artist wares, this evening was one of those events. I peeked inside and saw this……

this really has an institutional feel to it.

Below is another view of the same event, see the man sitting there with his back to the window? He wasn’t very busy, not many folks dropping in  to view the wares.

Christ Episcopal Church in Downtown Charlottesville, in 1820 as Charlottesville’s first church. Peaches and I park near here most morning, then we go downtown to walk.

St Luke’s Episcopal Church, Thomas Jefferson Pkwy, Charlottesville, VA

Sunroom Thomas Jefferson’s home at Monticello

Grace Episcopal Church in Yorktown, VA

Looking out my window at home here in VA.

Blue Ridge Beads & Glass

1724 Allied St
Charlottesville, VA 22903

I passed here one evening and the lights grabbed my attention, I immediately turned around and went back to take a few pictures of this lovely show. I haven’t been inside, but I do enjoy the photos, I even made one of them a desktop for my pc.  So Colorful!

next 8 tomorrow 😉

Downtown Charlottesville …..A little antique store.

Downtown Charlottesville, That same antique store window

Looking outside from window in house located in Eureka Spring Christmas morning 2006

Balcony on apartment building across the street from me.

Shell Knob, MO 2006, rainy spring morning looking out my window.

Eureka Spring, AR a friends house. His art, his window….

Downtown Charlottesville, Congregation Beth Israel


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