Now Might Be A Good Time

I did not know that my friends in N/W Arkansas were without vital electric conveniences such as; heat, cooking, lights, hot water, and the vast sundry  other items that electrical devises provide. I had not talked with my friend Ed Doutt for several weeks, and out of the blue decided to call him. He told me he was staying at a neighbors house, that a bad ice storm had blown through, and that trees were down all in his yard, blocking roadways and more. Since then I have been following the situation there, it concerned me, for I have lots of friends living in that part of the state. Something crossed my mind last night and today I have briefly looking into it, that being Solar Energy. I asked, if a power outage occurred and your home was powered by Solar Energy, would you be affected?  I have placed an article below, seems that this article address that question. I am left wondering, with all of the concerns today about non renewable energy running out, the issues of pollution, and the increasing awareness of Solar Energy, seems this might be a good time to take this topic more seriously. Just saying…. I took this photo back when I lived in N/W Arkansas circa 2006

Make a solar cell in your kitchen

How to make a solar cell – PDF

Build your own solar cell

Making solar cells from Household Materials, mostly – PDF