Breaking Habits

I have been listening to Eckhart Tolle quite a lot of recent. He has a great website that has free video which you can listen to. I have put his page on my blogsite under meditation. Basically that is what he it teaching. If you learn to do what he suggest in his talks, then you will be meditating. But, he doesn’t require one to spend hours at this, he only suggest finding space. Pausing, stop thinking for 1 minute, his process which seems to be directed at the fast paced world of today, is a modern mans guide to sanity.

I like his teachings, even with all the time I have to put toward meditation, I don’t seem to be able to stop thinking, and sit still for more that 5 minutes, then suddenly I find this list of “to-do’s” popping into my stream of “thinking”. Thus my title, “the compulsion to think, is a habit” and learning how to break that habit.

I was listening to him this morning and he stated that one not need to concern with how long you “not think”. He said, “it is more important how often you awaken out of thinking”. I buy that! I see how that can work. For me to spend more time becoming conscious of the space, stillness, silence, nothingness, is going to help me re program me, and that will allow me to hear that inner voice. I am going to be able to find space and space leads to wisdom.

Another bit of advice he offers, is try using this mantra through out the day

“Am I The Space For That?”

That will allow the heaviness of living to lighten up. We all need that!

When the question arises; how can I find space in a world filled with obession of things (things that matter, things that need fixing, things to buy, things to survive, things to pay for, things, things, things)?

His reply:

That is when we pause, let no sound, no thought, no thing, we will “Be“. And that “Being”, will allow the inner consciousness to speak and that is ISness.

Part of my own journey is my photography, it has taught me much about finding peace in the moment. I rely on my space then, for if I am not in the moment, I don’t see the object as it is then and there.

This morning (about 7am) I saw this…

I went inside and got my camera…..

Now it is raining pretty hard outside, I don’t know how much longer we will have these colors, but for now their presence is adding much beauty to what would be a cold wet day.



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