Gourds; Home of Gnomes & Fairies for centuries……

Gourds – The Secret Life of Gnomes and Fairies

The Gnomes & Fairies, have been living inside Gourds for – Ever.

They will steal your gourd and move it into an underground bunker, there they build large communities of gourd houses.

If you go outside by the light of the moon, and you sit very, very still and watch very very close, you will see the gourd  moving ever so slightly, that is sign that the little fairy’s (who help sneak the gourd from your garden) are in the long and arduous process of taking the precious gourd.

Have you ever noticed one of your extra large and favorite gourds suddenly disappear? Well, they do, and the best ones at that. I have heard from my sources, that the way they sense which  gourds to take; if the person who grows the gourd, is a master wizard, the inner eyes of the Fairy’s and the Gnomes will keenly intuit your garden. They will travel miles and miles through secret tunnels to find the special seed keeper. I will call that person Lord of the Seeds.

For the Lord of the Seeds, does know the relevance of their activity. You may ask how does one know if they have been called to grow the special gourds?

It is written:

The Gourd Grower will have to have passion. Growing gourds requires passion, and if you are a passionate gourd grower, you have feelings that run very deep. You will hear the music coming from the inside of the gourd, that is part of your gift. The Lord of the Seeds, does not allow fear to become an overwhelming part of their life.  The Lord of the Seeds, feels the burst of life when he or she holds the seeds.
Yes, the life of the Lord of the Seeds is full of magic and wonder.

Gourds are also used to hold spiritually blessed water, these gourds will be made into a sprinkler for magic cleansing ceremony. The Little Gnome and Fairy Club gathers in a circle while holding the gourd very high in the air and one by one the member march under the gourd. This cleansing process will enable these special members to refresh and rejuvenate their mind reading ability. It was common knowledge (according to my source) that clouds of negative energy from neighboring villages where the giants lived would soon overtake the little village of gnomes and fairy’s. So you see it is very important to find  and keep the most special of all the gourd growers.

Once there was a beautiful gourd woman who became the greatest of gourd growers through out the land. But she had drifted into a deep awakened state of slumber. The little ones became so concerned, for her sacred gourds were the gourds that had saved the gnomes and fairies from loosing their special gift of immortality. So they made a decision to bring this Lord of the Seeds, to their secret club and sprinkle her with their magic waters.

Here is a photograph of the magic spring. Of course the place is hidden [safely] deep in the underground. But you can see how lovely this is.

A very rare photo of a Fairy home, build inside the shell of a gourd.

Here is where the Little Club Members rescue the Lord of the Seeds, so that she may once again begin to grow the sacred gourds.

to be continued….


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