Back In Time


Grace Episcopal Church Yorktown VA.

I made the trip; my gift to me yesterday. I am still generating such wonderful vibes from this journey back in time. I cannot tell you how this visit affected my soul. This was one of the most inspiring events of my life. I am so very grateful to have had the opportunity to see this for myself.

The church is the site of several of my ancestors grave sites. The oldest to

Nicolas Martiau and 16 of his family members were reinterred from the family burial site on Buckner Street to this site in 1936.  This marker is dedicated to Nicolas Martiau, 1591 – 1657, upon whose land the Town of Yorke was founded in 1691.  He was the earliest American ancestor of General George Washington and Governor Thomas Nelson.  Dedicated May 22, 1993


His plaque is the small one in the front here, the other two above, with the American flag is his daughter Elizabeth Martiau Reade and Colonial George Reade

from this well documented source I apply the below information…..

Children of George Reade and Elizabeth Martiau are:

+ 7 vi. Francis Reade, died Abt. 1694.

Children of Francis Reade and Jane Chisman are:

39 ii. Elizabeth Reade. She married Paul Watlington Bef. 170768.

then I have on my family tree…

son of Paul and Elizabeth Watlington

Frances Watlington married Rebecca Tatum

son of those Armistead Watlington who married Mary Brooks

whose son was Johnathan Brooks Watlington

and he married Dorothy Carlos Rice

their son Robert Hermand Watlington is my gr gr grandfather. (1841 – 1921)

Robert H. Watlington restoredDistinguished ole chap, if I do say so myself!

So there you have it, that is my direct link to the members of the original colony members of Yorktown, VA.

The visit to Yorktown was incredible. The town is so quaint, and still one is reminded, a visit this to this town, is a “tourist destination”, but they have managed to keep it from becoming amusement park mentality.

Here are a few more photos of my day there.


above is another view of the[same] cemetery I visited.


I am standing on the upper edge of the cemetery, and as you can see it looks out over the York River.

Here is just up a few feet from the cemetery, and this is a little cafe, with picnic tables outside.


Herb Garden


to be cont. (lunchtime)

A closer view of Herb Garden

Yorktown Victory Memorial
On October 24, 1781, Lt. Col. Tench Tilghman, Washington’s aide-de-camp, reached Philadelphia and the Continental Congress with the “glorious” news of the surrender of Cornwallis’ army at Yorktown, on October 19th. On Monday, October 29, Congress officially recognized this great victory and by resolution directed:

Congress [had] pledged to the victorious army, to France, to America, to the world, that the nation should build at Yorktown a monument of marble, with the emblems of the great alliance, to keep fresh in memory the all decisive successes that had been achieved

Along the boardwalk (brickwalk in this case)


The Pier…..


I took 80 photos this afternoon, that was not hard to do, for I could have doubled the number, if I had not run out of sun.

I would love to live here, wonder if someone needs a house mother? (grinning).

I only live 134 miles from here, so I will go back soon.

I scooped up some sand to send to a friend of mine who is a lover of the sea. The York River flows into Chesapeake Bay. Yorktown sits a the mouth of York River, where Lord Cornwallis surrendered to  George Washington, thus ending the Revolutionary War.


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