A question I cannot answer….

What is Life? or What is Death?

Those questions have been getting some good play on a site I like to visit called United Communities of Spirit; for I usually have some pretty good inner work to do, if I can understand the questions posed there (sometimes I cannot).  But that is ok, for I know that I don’t have all the answers, nor do I even understand all the q’s.

Tonight I read one of the recent postings of my pal Gus, and he referenced the topic “what is life”. In that post, he shared an all too real life story, of a woman and her family, torn from their home in war torn Somalia;  her extensive issues relating to her “special needs” son, her encounter of an all to familiar story of her unwelcome responses [from neighbors]  which have greeted her family with hate and cruel racism, and all of this happening to her,  since leaving their homeland for “safety”. Now facing the bitter realities of this  “safe haven” that for her, is full of bitter realities and no doubt leaving her feeling even more isolated from safety and security.

I read the post, and I was happy to see Gus back in his true form, speaking out for the downtrodden, the hopeless, and the meek. I was glad.

However deeper, I knew that nothing I replied, was going to make that situation any better, and so then I felt disconnected.

Then I wondered about nature, I wondered about this constant mantra that I hear, one that says we have chosen this path, this life (if I may). I know that things for me have been pretty messy at times,and have left me asking “why did I choose this Life?” But never, have I lived as this woman. I can almost say without any hesitation, that if I did chose to come here, and I did pick all of the circumstances that I deal with in my life, that I have been able eventually to accept that as bad as things are, that I can see the merit of my choice. But I cannot see this woman picking that situation?

Is that life? Is that death?

I am left wondering?

The Hawk

There is a hawk that watches out for me, (he or she), has followed me for years, and sometimes in my life I would see that hawk watching after me, all the time. At first before I became “aware”, I wondered why I was seeing that hawk so often, not really even knowing if it was the same hawk. Then one day, I just knew that Hawk was watching out for me. This last two years, of living where I presently live, I haven’t seen the hawk. I wondered, maybe it found someone else to watch. Someone who needed it more, so it moved on. Well, yesterday it flew right over my head. I was so happy to see it, and then just as fast, it was gone. But I instantly knew it had found me. I just knew it!

The woman from Somalia? I pray that her guardian angel is somewhere watching out for her, and that nature is kind to her family. And most of all I wonder, did she know that her life was going to be this when she came here?
That question I keep asking; if that is  her life? What will be her death?

My sunset would almost be perfect, except that one dark cloud. Is that life?


Is that death?

you pick…..



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