Fighting the fight with all my might

IMG_1677Ezra Pound once said:

“It is doubtful whether the individual soul is going to survive at all” 1962 in Rome,  interview with Donald Hall

Ezra Pound was incarcerated due to a plea of insanity for  being tried for treason during WWII.

He spent 12 years in St Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington DC, he was released in 1958. All charges were dropped.


When I woke up, the world got very dark. The view that I was seeing before waking was not so great either, although through filters, my world, was small and I was the center; upon awakening, I immediately realized that I must try to see a broader view. (best that I could) No doubt there are filters so well ingrained in and around me that I don’t notice all of them, but maybe, I hope anyway, that I am becoming more aware with each passing day.

My dark world; the one I see today is certainly better, in that, I can at least see some light. Swirling clouds of dark colors, red and gold that match the colors from a blazing flame as they move across the sky, leave me feeling cold and empty. That is the world of today’s mass media spoon fed consumers. What to buy, where to find that fix, how much money do I have, will I someday own that beautiful car, home, boat, vacation spot? Money and credit? Will I get my piece of the Promised Pie? The once well touted “American dream”, has it turned into the American nightmare yet? Maybe it always has been. Maybe?

Waking up, seeing this world unfiltered. Hopefully each day someone else starts to see, and I hear them go, “blink, blink is that what I see? Is this my truth? Surely this is not what God had in mind.”

There is a spaceship headed here, that is what I was told. She seems like a reliable source, gosh, not even from USA, from Australia. She seems to be genuine. Calls herself a Channel. Well, October 14th is drawing near, and they,” The Federation of Light” should be around the corner. I hope that I get to see their spaceship, more I hope they take me home?

Soul of mine, why do I go here? Why do I have to see the darkness? Why is the world so bleak, so mad with selfish addictive behavior; the egO? My nemesis, that devious egO, strutting about, holding the mind hostage, and never caring one bit. For you dear egO, without your careless vengful nature to control and dominate, our world would be kinder?

I want to have my Soul and Peace of Mind too. That is my “Universal Dream”.

“blink, blink”

Pavlov fed dogs everyday, trained them to sit in special places before he fed them and lavished praise when they did. One day he would use cattle prods on them and made them sit elsewhere, then lavished praise again. After repeating this technique a few times, the dogs when they saw him coming would simply stand with eyes down and quake and shiver because pleasing the deity seemed impossible.

blinking and eyes wide open~


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